Conyers Leaders: Cancel the Great Bull Run at the Georgia International Horse Park
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Director, Georgia International Horse Park
Jennifer Bexley
President/CEO, Conyers-Rockdale Chamber of Commerce
Fred J. Boscarino, GCCE
Mayor, City of Conyers
Randal S. Mills
City Manager, City of Conyers
Tony Lucas
Chief Operating Officer, City of Conyers
David Spann

Conyers Leaders: Cancel the Great Bull Run at the Georgia International Horse Park

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      Georgia Animal Rights and Protection

Bull runs are cruel to the animals who are trucked around the country and forced to run in a panic through an area packed with screaming people. The event is also potentially fatal for human participants and bystanders, who are at risk of being trampled, gored, or otherwise injured.

Bull runs mean collisions, falls, broken legs, trampling, and other potentially fatal outcomes for everyone involved.

Georgia Animal Rights and Protection (GARP), an animal rights organization advocating for the compassionate treatment of animals, requests that the Georgia International Horse Park cancel the Great Bull Run, and switch to a compassionate and safe animal-free event.

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    1. Reached 8,000 signatures
    2. We need your vote!

      You signed the petition and now you have a second chance to voice your concerns over the Great Bull Run. 11 Alive has a poll and WE NEED YOUR VOTE! Please vote "NO, the bull run should be canceled" on the poll that is located at the bottom of the news report below.

      Please share with others who love animals.

      For the animals,

      POLL: Should Great Bull Run be allowed to go on as scheduled?

      (Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images) Truck load of barricades for the Great Bull Run at the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers Conyers City Manager Tony Lucas The Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers The first Great Bull Run in Virginia in August CONYERS, Ga.

    3. Reached 6,000 signatures
    4. GARP meets with Conyers' city officials and ALDF joins the battle

      Georgia Animal Rights and Protection (GARP) met with Mr. David Spann, chief operating officer of the City of Conyers, and Ms. Jennifer Bexley, director of GIHP, last week to voice your concerns and speak on behalf of the community to not hold this event.

      The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) has joined the battle ( and has discovered that the Great Bull Run company does not have the proper license to hold this event. ALDF is requesting that you take action by contacting:

      Georgia Department of Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black (404)-656-3665

      City of Conyers Mayor Randal Mills (770)-483-4411

      Please urge these government officials to exercise their authority to protect animal welfare and human health by canceling the Great Bull Run.

      We appreciate all that you do for the animals and will keep you posted.

    5. Reached 5,000 signatures
    6. In the news and how to take the campaign further

      Your support has been truly amazing! In less than two weeks, thousands of people added their voices to the campaign. Just last week, the campaign was covered in the local news ( and on WRFG 89.3 FM Atlanta ( Now, we need your help taking the campaign even further. Please take a moment to call Georgia officials and let them know that you do NOT support animal cruelty and want the event canceled. Please call:
      David Spann, Chief Operating Officer, City of Conyers: 770-929-4217
      Randal S. Mills, Mayor, City of Conyers: 770-483-4411
      Tony Lucas, City Manager, City of Conyers: 770-929-4226
      Jennifer Bexley, Director, Georgia International Horse Park: 770-860-4190
      Fred J. Boscarino, President/CEO, Conyers-Rockdale Chamber of Commerce: 770-483-7049
      Thank you for caring so much about the animals!

    7. Reached 4,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Francis Kennedy GALWAY, IRELAND
      • 10 months ago

      because I don't like sharing air with sadistic idiots.

      • 10 months ago

      Please stop animal cruelty!

    • Carol Spallone FORT WAYNE, IN
      • 10 months ago

      Anyone who knows a bull knows that he just wants to protect his family. Not a mean dangerous animal at all.

    • Manuela Meinert EMSDETTEN, GERMANY
      • 10 months ago

      Cruelty to animals only to enjoy people is terrible!

    • Marion Schulz GERMANY
      • 10 months ago

      Lasst die Tiere endlich in Ruhe ihr Leben leben sie lassen uns doch auch


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