Continental/United - The UNFRIENDLY skies for Pet Owners
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Continental/United - Unite to GOUGE Military families with pets

Continental/United - The UNFRIENDLY skies for Pet Owners

    1. Carol Laughlin
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      Carol Laughlin

      Yona, Guam

Continental/United airline has announced that beginning March 2012, they will NO LONGER allow pets to be considered as excess baggage from Japan and other areas within the Pacific Region, but will have to be transported as CARGO, which will cost from $1400-$4000 PER PET!!! Military families who have already sacrificed so much to defend our Country will now likely have no choice but to leave their beloved fury family members behind, permanently. There are so many difficult issues Military families have to endure, it is un-conscienable that Continental and United Airlines will increase the fares for military families to transport their pets to THOUSANDS of dollars, PER PET! When a Military family relocates on orders, the Military arranges the flights for the family on the airline with the lowest passenger fare, and most often times travel within the Pacific region is with Continental/United airline, who are also in the process of merging to become the largest airline company in the industry. If the family has a pet, they are responsible for all fees and fares to transport that pet. 

On United's Facebook they claim "Our PetSafe program is industry-leading because of the high standards we set for flying pets. Due to Japanese law anyone shipping their pets from Japan pays our PetSafe rate and a 3rd party forwarder at market rates. We realize this impacts military families, and are evaluating our pricing from Okinawa. We encourage anyone shipping an animal from Japan to check for the best 3rd party forwarder rates."

They are blaming Japanese law? REALLY!?! Don't let Continental/United take advantage of our Military families, as well as the civilians who have adopted a furry family member! This is outrageous and they need to hear us LOUD AND CLEAR!! It would be cheaper for me to buy tickets to fly around the world than to ship my pets back to the Mainland!  

Please email United and tell them how you feel at:

also visit their Facebook page at:

Please sign this petition and STOP! them from gouging our Military families while they are DEFENDING YOUR SKIES!!!


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    1. United/Continental heard us!!!

      Carol Laughlin
      Petition Organizer

      After facing a backlash from pet-owning American military families stationed in Asia, United Airlines told the Houston Chronicle Wednesday it will add a special exception to its soon-changing pet program. The families were upset about a change to the airline's pet policy coming next month that could have cost them hundreds – even thousands – more dollars to fly their four-legged friends home at the end of their tours of duty.

      For more info read the article in the Houston Chronicle. Thank you for your support and always know, that together, we CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

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    3. Your voice IS being heard - Flights being re-booked to alternate carrriers

      Carol Laughlin
      Petition Organizer

      When enough people a stand up and INSIST on fair treatment and do not allow our citizens to be BULLIED by over ambitious and greedy corporations, WE WILL BE HEARD! And trust me, United/Continental are getting the massage. Several families have successfully had their flights changed to ALTERNATE carriers! DELTA is the major beneficiary so far. PLEASE SHARE this petition with your friends, family, acquaintances. Email, Twitter, Text, whatever it takes to keep the signatures coming in.

      PLEASE visit their Facebook page at:

      Send them an email at:

      Share! Share! Share!

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    • Martina Schweighofer MöDLING, AUSTRIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I also travelled with my dogs as an expat. So I cant understand why it should not be possible in the future with the same price that people can take their pets with them. If they have to let them behind, there will be more costs to find new families for them or something else. This are living creatures and not a furniture to leave them behind. We love animals thats why we have some.

    • Kimberly Paulinus MANGILAO, GUAM
      • about 2 years ago

      they're family members too!

    • Dawn McCadden OCEANSIDE, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      We are a military family who love our dog and if we got stationed overseas we can't afford to take him with us. My 4 year old son and husband would be so hart broken. This is not far to the pets.

      • over 2 years ago

      Greed again.

    • Faith Wade BEAUFORT, SC
      • over 2 years ago

      PCSing to Iwakuni in August, and trying to find transport for our 3-year old rescued Pekingese is causing so much stress for our family...I don't understand why there is such price-gouging. We are already complying with all of the Japanese rules/laws. This shouldn't be permitted. Not only is my 13 year old daughter having to leave her home and friends to go to a foreign country, she may also have to leave her dog. Continental/United, you should be ashamed!!!


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