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Contest: Pick the VP!

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      Council for A Livable World

Everybody's guessing, but even the experts can't agree: Who will Obama and McCain pick as their Vice Presidential running mates?

Can you beat the political pundits? Can you read the minds of John McCain and Barack Obama?

Click here to make your predictions!

We all know that great things are possible in 2009 when a new Administration takes power. We're hard at work preparing, and you've been along side us the entire time.

This is your chance to take a break, and have some fun with these crucial elections. This is also you chance to win cash prizes while you're at it.

Enter soon; there are rumors that one of the candidates may announce his pick this week.

Click here to make your predictions

The rules:
Cost to enter: Zero
Choose one VP nominee for McCain and one for Obama. If you don't see your option listed, provide the full name of your selection. Don't forget the tiebreakers!
One winner will be selected for correctly choosing Obama's running mate, and one for McCain's. Each winner will receive $100.
Deadline for entering: Midnight, the night before each candidate announces his VP choice.
Top finishers will be highlighted on the Council for a Livable World web site.
Council for a Livable World employees may enter but are ineligible to win any prize.

Click here to enter!

Sincerely, John Isaacs and Guy Stevens

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    • james m nordlund FARGO, ND
      • over 5 years ago

      Oh, I don't know, for McWho, possibly, Sarah I made believe I had a baby to cover-up for the fact that one of my daughters had a baby Palin; and for Barack, "say it ain't so" Joe Biden.

    • Bill McGlone NEW HAVEN, CT
      • about 6 years ago

      To see if in fact "Great minds think alike".


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