Contact your congressperson to ask them to "Stop Gambling on Hunger"

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Watch this animated video, get angry, and call your representatives.  Food prices are spiking around the world, pushing close to 150 million more people into hunger and raising the total number of hungry to one in every six people on this planet.

Our jobs and our money are being affected by speculation. One in seven Americans cannot always buy enough food to meet their needs.

Modify the letter below, tell your personal story, and send it to President Obama and your Senators and Representative.  Working together we can reign in the fat cats and get people back to work so they can feed their families.

Thanks for joining in this much overdue campaign.






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    • Peter Ainsworth COZAD, NE
      • over 3 years ago

      On the average & as I have done for the past 10 years, I eat once a day & often once every other day. I live off a simple minimum wage job - our bosses don't believe in raises No Matter How Long You've Worked There, & rent isn't free. The Hunger issue isn't going to go away until all the 'fat cats' sitting in possitions of power start sharing their wealth with others instead of hording it all for their greedy selves. Kinda along the lines of 'you eat, we die'. Enjoy your next full balanced meal while the rest of the world starves to death on your lack of crumbs.

    • Jennifer Hall GREENEVILLE, TN
      • almost 5 years ago
    • Penny Stone MOKELUMNE HILL, CA
      • almost 5 years ago

      I can't watch the video. No link.

    • pierluigi bonatesta CAGLIARI, ITALY
      • almost 5 years ago

      I can't watch the video too.

    • Annie Cawley SAINT JOSEPH, MO
      • almost 5 years ago

      Can't watch a video with no link or url to it!!


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