Contact President Elect Barack Obama

Contact President Elect Barack Obama

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      Friends of the Congo

Please contact the president elect and let him know that he should make the Crisis in the Congo one of the first International issues that he addresses when he takes office on January 20th.

Please encourage your family, friends, loved ones and others in your network to do the same.

You can submit your comments to him here>>

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    • Kristen Zbikowski MONTREAL, CA
      • over 5 years ago

      This pledge is important because the people of the Congo deserve human security and dignity and they deserve the world's awareness and empathy. Now.

      • over 5 years ago

      Mr President,DRCongo being in the heart of Africa; it will be understandable that your african policy underlights this immense country with potential which leaded by a despote,cruel,uncult and clueless president.this country has been denied justice,voice and recognition in major plateforms worldwide.
      DRCongo major obstacle is in its leadership, I mean the president in charge,lacks basics qualities and expertise to manage even a small office of 25 people,and what about 60Millions souls?
      By pushing kagame of rwanda to negotiate with others rwandans in exile for the sake of peace in rwanda, you will be directly fixing genocide,planned rape and killing of DRCongo populations by  rebells supported by multi nationals companies and backed by kagame paul's troops in the eatern congo.I believe you will solve 50% of your africans problems.
      Please Mr President,DRCongo is voiceless Kabila running parall goverment which blocking the work of the current executive.Maffia type of management is a modele in the DRCongo:misery,slavery and oppression are reality.
      Mr Kanambe Hyppolite(kabila joseph),who's a non congolese does not bother even fixing minor potholes in roads,no medecines,no electricity, no clean water.Hear the voice of congolese pleading with their blood for your assistance to remove the thorn in their country.I spend 4 days in the Drcongo and was saddened by lack of basic facilities such as public toilets,public transportation,rubbish bins,decent hospitals,clean drinking water,electricity supply ect
      Thank you
      Nigerian supporter of Congo

    • Olivier Bolya YORK, CANADA
      • over 5 years ago

      Truly speaking, as a person with black skin,the obama's victory is the biggest event i have seen unfold in history since the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. What Jesus has done for sins,his election has done for discrimination because of the symbolism that it carries. 

      • over 5 years ago

      Mr President,

      This is truly a unique opportunity to right a wrong that has been going on for far too long. Your election has inspired so many of us regardless of our backgrounds. Primarly because of the sense of justice that surrounds your candidacy. Mr president, the many blessings the God has granted to Congo are now turned into a curse for the Congolese because of the global greed. This too can change.

      • over 5 years ago

      Mr. President, I have been able to act through the UNICEF for a while in this part of the central African region and what my eyes have seen of this country is more than  you would ever imagine and cannot be compared to the war against terrorism.

      This is a pure anarchy the region is facing and this is a time for change when people deprived can breath again and be happy to live their lives without worrying about a new blood shed again.

      Mr. President, the Congo needs you right away and your capacity to assist in this matter is far important than all the UN coalitions having personal interests in this part of the African continent, since I believe from what I have encountered in the country...our reports would have never brought failure and incapacity to return peace...

      Mr. President, as a friend of the Congo, we are ready to act and need you.

      Please assist!!!


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