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Make custom button remapping a standard in all console games.

    1. Chuck Bittner
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      Chuck Bittner

This petition is from my perspective as a disabled gamer who finds many games today are unplayable simply because of my inability to reach certain buttons. These game would be playable and enjoyable if a disabled gamer like myself could simply remap the buttons in the games options menu. Millions of disabled gamers around the earth NEED THIS feature.

Also many more non-disabled gamer long to have this feature as it would help them enjoy gaming even more.

Option 1. Developers: Please spend the time and resources to build button remapping into your games. Making this a standard feature in ALL your games.

Option 2. Console Manufactures: Build a button remapping feature into your systems. What are the benefits of console side remapping?
1. It will free the game developers from needing to do any more coding or QA testing.
2. One remap for multiple games. For example if a player has one Call of Duty layout he can use it across all Call of Duty games.

In this day and age custom button remapping is easy to implement and beneficial to every gamer disabled or not.

Thank you for reading.

Chuck Bittner

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A special thanks to those on YouTube who have helped spread this around: Woodygamertag, Fpsrussia, Roklobster, Browneyedgirl, Newworldshogun, Onlyusemeblade, TryHardNinja, Gunns4hire, F@G, Juff Rubain & College Humor, Seananners, HipHopGamer, TheKapGun, Kpopp, MrITryHard, DrChizz, EatMyDiction1, TheCreatures, HUPITgaming & PaintBallKitty.

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    2. Going to PAX East on Friday March 22nd to share your comments

      Chuck Bittner
      Petition Organizer

      So on Friday March 22nd I'll be in Boston at PAX East speaking with Developers about the petition and sharing your comments from this petition. If you wanna submit a video response to my youtube video I'd love to show them your videos on why you want/need remapping.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Kenneth Hain SMITHTOWN, NY
      • about 19 hours ago

      i believe everyone deserves a chance to play and have fun no matter what you might have restricting you.

    • Cassie McCulley WIMBERLEY, TX
      • 1 day ago

      I'm signing this because a very close friend of mine is a recent quadriplegic and has always been a video gamer. This would truly benefit him for a happier life. I'm wanting this to happen for Abe Lukens and others like him!

    • Joshua Halliday JACKSONVILLE, FL
      • 5 days ago

      Some games it takes time to get into them because the button mapping options are so limited. I would love to the ability to map the buttons how feel comfortable with so I can actually jump right in and enjoy the games whenever I wish.

    • Patrick ancona KAILUA-KONA, HI
      • 8 days ago

      this should have been mandatory years ago! it's hard for me a able bodied player playing on a bad layout I have a brotherinlaw who's paralyzed and he has a hard time with many games I can't imagine why any game makers would want to make having fun something only able bodied gamers can access, really messed up there even has to be a petition to fix this, so FIX THIS

      • 9 days ago

      I have never before thought of this as an issue, my father is disabled, I know how disability affects people and I believe this is vitally important to help people. I'm glad this has come to my attention and I hope more people begin to see this issue. I believe totally that disabled people should be considered in every possible way, and disabled gamers especially. Gaming is more than a hobby for people, it is a way of escaping reality, reality which often isn't always as we wish but through video games reality is bound to our charge, our will and while reality cannot be the same for everyone we should at least make equality in our attempts to escape it, after all, we set the rules on what is possible in video games and this is most surely possible.


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