Connecticut Supreme Court:  Overturn the ruling against the family of missing Billy Smolinski
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Connecticut Supreme Court - Appellate Division

Connecticut Supreme Court: Overturn the ruling against the family of missing Billy Smolinski

    1. Erica Morse
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      Erica Morse

      Big Spring, TX

The family of a missing Connecticut man continues to fight a decision issued in August 2012, penalizing them for hanging fliers on public property. The ruling awarded $52,666 in damages to the missing man's former girlfriend, who admitted her friend(s) removed -- and vandalized -- the fliers, claiming they caused her "extreme emotional distress". 

Recently, the CT Appellate Court allowed the lower court's ruling to stand, even after reading the pleas of more than 2,000 families of missing people who count on these fliers to generate tips and leads regarding their loved ones. Now, we are petitioning the CT Supreme Court -- in conjunction with their newest appeal -- to hear this case & overturn the lower court's ruling.  If allowed to stand, this decision will set precedent for all families of missing people, opening them up to frivilous lawsuits & additional victimization for merely posting a flyer asking for information. 

More information regarding this case may be found at:

Posting "missing" fliers on public property and asking questions about a person's disappearance is the right of every family, and is protected by the First Amendment. More than 10,000,000 fliers are printed & distributed annually in the U.S.; we ask that you overturn this ruling, protecting the rights of every family with a missing loved one to seek answers and justice.

Help preserve the rights of all missing persons -- and their families -- by honoring their right to seek information from the public when a loved one disappears.

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    • Dave Velez WATERBURY, CT
      • about 1 month ago

      Because it's the right thing to do

    • Patricia Gager HEWITT, TX
      • about 1 month ago

      Because I have a sister who has been missing for 23 years. The voice of the missing is a hell of a lot more important to finding the truth rather than the girlfriend's so called extreme emotional distress! I know having fliers removed from public property causes severe extreme emotional distress for the missing loved one's family.

    • Louise Kinslow GREENVILLE, TX
      • about 1 month ago

      We, too have a missing child and know that putting fliers in many places should be very valuable for helping someone recognize her and help us with information on her last known location. The Smolinskis have done what was necessary to try to find their son using the means available to them.

      Every family should have the right to post fliers of their missing loved ones where ever they feel like would be seen by someone who may have seen or had contact with the loved one.

      Fining a family member for trying to find their loved one is ludicrous and unjust. They already have a large amount of pain to deal with. Allowing this frivolous lawsuit into the courtroom was wrong. Billy's family are the victims!

    • Donna Staines LITTLE EGG HARBOR, NJ
      • about 1 month ago

      If i had a missing child I would want flyers, newspapers anything to find my child!

    • Maria Walker KNOXVILLE, TN
      • 2 months ago

      A family should not have to suffer knowing where there son is and be harassed about trying to find him!


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