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Stop sales of high powered guns and ammo to individuals.

    1. Deanne Costello
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      Deanne Costello

      Berne, IN

We don`t need high powered guns in our homes, such as the high powered guns that shower many bullets per minute.We do need some guns for our protection of our homes,but not the kind that was used in Colorado massacre.Tighter laws on gun control is a necessity.

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    • Loretta Harden ASHTABULA, OH
      • over 2 years ago

      Absolutely NO reason for any civilian to own an military grade assault rifile. They are killing machines. The same goes for the 30+ 100+ ammo clips that go with the assault rifle. What makes all this worse are the lacks rules/laws state to state AND the basically NON-EXISTENT laws at gun shows and on the internet. You could be a kid for petes sake on the internet and who's to know any better!?! Nobody's talking about taking anyone's 2nd amendment right away from them. We just want to save a few lives. Plain and simple.


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