Congress: Stop Domestic Abusers From Continuing to Abuse and Control Their Victims
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Congress: Stop Domestic Abusers From Continuing to Abuse and Control Their Victims

    1. Collin Fischer
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      Collin Fischer

      Bridgeport, NY


Dear Representative:

Domestic abusers continue to control their victims through the denial of custody relocation petitions by state courts. The constitutional right to travel, to start over, to find happiness, and to marry are all revoked when courts deny victims the chance to move on and to live where they choose. Where there is documented abuse the child is in danger of being harmed, and of being influenced by their violent behavior. The relocating parent is not able to exercise their right to travel, and to move on when doing so would require them to leave the child behind in the custody of a violent criminal. Congress must end the states policy of denial of civil liberties to the victims of abuse. It is never in the best interest of a child or the state to perpetuate physical and emotional abuse. See the new documentary "No Way Out But One" to see how frequently and egregiously states award custody to violent criminals. End the cycle of abuse, free our children from harm.

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    • Stephanie Peterson LLOYDMINSTER, CANADA
      • about 1 year ago

      My children and I have been relentlessly abused by my ex in and out of court and nobody will help me protect my children. I have been told that refusing my ex access to the kids because he is violent with them is a violation of HIS rights and that I can be charged with a crime for protecting my kids. We are not allowed to move back home to BC where my family is and so we have been completely isolated from any family support and my partner of 5 years has become a victim as well as my ex now feels safe threatening him along with me and the kids. My ex had interim custody of my children for 2 months after I left him because he filed a false document with the court, I was denied due process, proper service and the opportunity to even speak in court and had to travel for hours by greyhound to attend court proceedings to get my kids back. This kind of institutional abuse needs to stop.

    • William Myers SAN DIEGO, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      Do not like the system being used by controlling, power tripping, abusers


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