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Significantly Reduce Their Health Care and Retirement Benefits

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      kathy starustka

      San Marcos, TX

Congress seeks to "reform" social security and other programs that Americans have earned by having monies taken out of their paychecks. Congress has drained these funds and instead of paying back what they owe, chose to call these programs "entitlements" and eventually eliminate them. Let's call on Congress to "reform" their own benefits before they attempt to "reform" those owed to the citizens of this country. Members of Congress have ensured they are taken care of before those that pay them. Let's change that!

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    • Barbara Gufey GRAHAM, NC
      • almost 3 years ago

      Congress should be completel ycontrolled by the People. I suddenly woke up to the knowledge that the American People have no control over Congress. The American voters should be the ones telling Congress their salary, benefits,vacations, penalities for not voting and being present in chambers, retirement, limit number of terms (to help keep some Congress People from having too much power, and get new thinking into the system) as well as sanctions. Right now only congress is involved in these decissions. Congress only answers to congress. Stop that...stop it now

    • Edward Hatmaker BYRON, GA
      • almost 3 years ago

      Congress should not get special treatment when they are elected from the public by the public.

    • Shelly Brown OLYMPIA, WA
      • almost 3 years ago

      Social security is not, and has never been, an entitlement when administered as it was initially intended - as a mandatory retirement fund. For that aspect of social security, it would be theft, conversion, or at minimum, mismanagement of funds, to deny the retirement that was paid for, to those who paid into the program (or have paid into the program). Fr the rest - disability and benefits to dependent children due to the loss of a parent, that is a completely different issue and one that social security, to my knowledge, was never intended to provide financial assistance to this persons. Thus, those payouts are, in my opinion, what has depleted the fund and those payouts should not continue. Other avenues need to be sought (e.g., disability insurance, life insurance - perhaps even a mandatory program for those who can't show proof they acquired it on their own) for that type of benefit rather than depleting the entire program which denies those who have paid into it, as a RETIREMENT FUND, the retirement income they have paid for. The disparity between the income and benefits of our Congresspersons and the average American who pays for those Congressional salaries and benefits is reprehensible and needs to be fixed!

    • Starling Devericks WALKERSVILLE, WV
      • almost 3 years ago

      Really tired of SS being called an "entitlement". If it is an "entitlement" then I'm entitled to have it payed back to me. I can't take my 401k and invest it the way I like-has to be in the "market" ,sure wish the bailouts for the "market" would have "trickled down" to my 401K

    • Edward Rau QUITMAN, AR
      • almost 3 years ago

      SS is not an entitlement....I have paid into it all of my life. It's time they restored what congress has stolen from the fund instead of saying we have ot bite the bullet.


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