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Set term limits similar to the President

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      Sidney Vandiver

      Key Largo, FL

By having elections only & setting no finite term limits, politicians become Career Politicians. This promotes more corruption, stagnates progress from fresh thinkers, & creates the ultimate "good ole boy" system. We are in the predicament we're in now because of bull headed politicians who are set in their ways, comfortable with their lobbyist kickbacks, & scared to vote truthfully on important issues. A congress person that has no concerns of getting re-elected, getting committee assignments, getting financial assistance from their party is far more likely to vote their conscience.

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    • bennie butler HOMESTEAD, FL
      • about 3 years ago

      Live by the same rules you impose on me, taxes you burden me with, medical I pay, retirement I have earned, do your job. We the people elect you and we expect honesty, not a free ride at tax payers expense from you. Get rid of the good ole boy syndrome--Rangel, and other free loaders like him need to go, not be protected by you. Disgusting!


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