Reinstate federal regulation on our banking and energy corporation’s.
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House of Representatives and the Senate

Reinstate federal regulation on our banking and energy corporation’s.

    1. Thomas Jacobs
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      Thomas Jacobs

      Altoona, FL

It is painfully obvious that deregulation has not worked, take the near collapse of our economy in 2008, caused by greedy banking institution’s defrauding the American people. The global economy was affected as well for foreign interests were defrauded also.
How can you expect these banking institution’s to regulate themselves when they are motivated, not by the greater good, but by profit.
Then the bank’s responsible only get a slap on the wrist and billions of dollars in bailouts. This is not sensible. Where is our DOJ? Are there to be no true investigations into these matters and the criminals brought to justice?
The American people are outraged and require much sterner penalties for corporate fraud. Fraud on this scale should entail life imprisonment with no hope of parole.
The SEC has been aiding these criminals by destroying investigation document’s, those found responsible should face the same punishment. True examples need to be made. NO MORE!

Our power company’s gouge us at every turn for each kilowatt we consume. Our oil corporation’s artificially inflate the price of a barrel of oil so that we have the highest fuel prices in our history.
Their greed has no bounds and with no regulation there is no end in sight.

Now the cost of our food and goods are on the rise because of the factor’s mentioned in this petition. Is it any wonder that our country is in this terrible financial crisis? The average citizen is being bled to death, barely able to make ends meet.

We the People, petition Congress, to consider these matter’s carefully and beseech you to show us the leadership that will make us proud to be American’s.

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    • Margaret Gravelle MADERA, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      The price of gas is keeping our counrty from recovering. Fuel is increasing because of a threat not the increase in the price of oil!!! The oil companies continue to post billions in profit all on the backs of the American people.


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