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Congress Must Play its role in war-making decision

    1. Dr.A. Khan
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      Dr.A. Khan

      Kissimmee, FL

It only took a seven-minute debate to approve a new provision that would expand war around the globe—impacting our troops and our budget.

Two weeks ago, after midnight, the House Armed Services Committee approved a new war provision in the defense authorization bill that would cede all future warmaking decisions to the president and expand war around the globe.

The House of Representatives will vote on the measure this week. We need your help to preserve Congress' critical role in deciding when to go to war and to ensure that there can be a full debate on the best response when the United States faces threats.

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    1. CODEPINK & Tehreek-e-Insaf(Imran Khan)

      Dr.A. Khan
      Petition Organizer

      Did you hear the news about inspiring peace march this weekend to the tribal areas of Pakistan where no foreigners have been permitted to go in a decade?

      As one Pakistani woman wrote "CODEPINK and leadership of Imran Khan (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) coming to Pakistan has touched so many hearts that you cannot even imagine! You were able to do what hundreds of millions of dollars spent by USAID in TV ads to win hearts and minds in Pakistan has failed to achieve!"

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    • Gloria Monroe GRANTS PASS, OR
      • about 3 years ago

      screw the war mongering & tax dollar wasting Republicans!


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