Congress Must Continue the Fight to Improve Health Care for Vulnerable Patients
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Congress Must Continue the Fight to Improve Health Care for Vulnerable Patients

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Even with passage of the new health reform law, Americans today have an urgent need for better care, and better care coordination.

As family members, spouses, friends, and neighbors, we know that older adults with multiple health problems are at high risk of experiencing dangerous (often avoidable) health complications that are exacerbated -- or even caused -- by our fragmented health care system.

That's because patients and their families are still struggling to get all of their doctors to talk to one another and to better coordinate their care.  We are still trying to ensure that drugs prescribed to our loved ones by different doctors don't interact in dangerous ways.  And we are still tracking down our own medical records to make sure that our doctors have the most complete information possible so they can avoid dangerous drug interactions, wrong diagnoses and unnecessary tests and procedures.

We live in the wealthiest nation in the world but it often doesn't seem that way for our nation's elderly, who are often among the sickest and most vulnerable.  They worked so hard to make our country what it is today, don't they now deserve the health care they need?

It's been six months since the health care reform bill was passed and some of the important changes have started to go into effect.  It's up to us to make sure this law gets implemented in ways that truly make care better for patients.   

Let's tell Congress that we can work together to make health care work for all of us.  With your support, we can create a system in which doctors work together as a team, medical records are available at the touch of a button, and patients get the best medical care possible.

Sign this pledge and add your name to a growing movement of people who envision a health care system that is affordable, coordinated and patient-focused.

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