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Make it illegal to make excessive profits off of water systems.

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      J Kendall

      San Francisco, CA

Government, which is We the People, needs to protect Our access to clean, affordable Water, without which we Die.

Congress should reaffirm that Water is a shared, common resource that belongs to all of Us.

Congress should make it illegal to privatize a public water system for profit. Public water systems are non-profit and any privatization of a water system should be non-profit as well.

Water should not be subject to "supply -vs- demand" pricing. Corporations should not profit from a low supply of Water, especially not when there is a drought.

If water supplies do remain private, they should be closely regulated to ensure no price gouging and that necessary expenditures are made to properly maintain a clean Water supply.

An internet search on "private water news" reveals what has been happening in communities where water is provided by private water companies. It is scandalous.

Examples :




One facet of the Indie film "Sleep Dealer" explores where this may lead.

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