Congress: Make Fighting Cancer in Texas a Priority
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Congress: Make Fighting Cancer in Texas a Priority

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The words from my doctor just hung in the air.  "You have cancer," he said.  It was 1990, and I was terrified.

Unlike many women during that time, I was able to beat ovarian cancer. But then, just seven years later, I heard those three scary words again.  My cancer had returned.

While it may sound strange, I was actually lucky. In those seven years between diagnoses -- thanks to a continued commitment to cancer research -- a new drug had been discovered. That new drug saved my life. If my recurrence had come a few years earlier, I wouldn't be here today asking you to sign this petition.

We cannot turn back from our nation's commitment to fighting cancer. We must continue to fund cancer research. And the reason why is simple - it saves lives.

- George Blough, West Virginia

This year, more than 36,800 people in Texas will die from cancer.    

The evidence is clear:  

Cancer research leads to the medical breakthroughs that save lives.  

Cancer prevention and early detection programs help catch cancer at its earliest and most treatable stages, reducing suffering and saving lives.  

Tell Congress it's time to make fighting cancer a national priority!

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    • Ann Weiner ENCINITAS, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Last year my husband and I moved to Texas for 6 months to be with father-in-law. He was a vibrant, amazing man who's life was ripped from this earth so suddenly and painfully, we are still trying to catch our breath. Cancer took that wonderful life from us—and then, three months later took the life of my husband's grandmother on his father's side. She was a brilliant woman with, what some may call, 'spunk' and endless love. During this time we learned a lot about cancer; and as we now work to piece back together our lives emotionally and physically and with deep pain, I can tell you this:

      Cancer is a war that has touched many, if not most, families in the United States; and research is our first, and, in many cases, only defense against it. Research helps with prevention, treatment, early detection and even education. This is a chance to literally save lives. Absorb that for a moment, by supporting cancer research, you would be SAVING LIVES.


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