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Increase Social Security Supplement Income for Seniors and Disabled

    1. Mary Miller
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      Mary Miller

      Eugene, OR

Currently the Social Security Administration has a cap of $1000/month COMBINED
income for folks receiving SSDI. This means that a person living in a two person household can not have resources over $1,000/mo.

This is unexceptionable for anyone anywhere to live on, to pay rent, utilities, food costs (that are continuously rising), any form of transportation to folks that are the most vulnerable in our society, that still need to make payments into Medicare for their medical services!

Congress needs to realize that the majority of folks receiving supplemental income do so at the suggestion of caseworkers who notice that the person's needs are exceeding their income, and realizing that their current payment from SSDI is so low they should be supplemented 'something' to deal with their level of poverty!

The social security office is in agreement with me that congress "needs to do something", that our income levels do not suffice even basic living standards. Even if supplemented with medical coverage, hud housing vouchers (which are almost impossible to get now, and disabled/senior housing being lost in 2013 according to HUD information), along with supplemented food from "Meals On Wheels", most person's with disabilities/seniors cannot function on such a low level of income, and would still have a "state buy down" for medicaid making it impossible for them to exist. You have to do better by us!

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    • Mary Miller EUGENE, OR
      • over 2 years ago

      We need signatures to send to congress to get them to realize that the state maximums for combined income of disabled/elderly needs to be increased in order for us not to be homeless or housed in nursing homes: currently the cap is $1,000 limit per combined household income, regardless of medical costs, need.


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