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  • Petitioned Congress for Use of Marijuana "Ganja" for religious purposes nationaly

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Congress for Use of Marijuana "Ganja" for religious purposes nationaly
U.S. Supreame Court, religous rights being persecuted is unconstitutional
President Barack Obama

Let Rasta's practice religion without persecution by Decriminalizing Ganja

    1. mat trindle
    2. Petition by

      mat trindle

      moore, OK

If we dont get this signed and passed into congress we will be continualy persecuted, even though our Bill of Rights in America's very first Amendment say we have The Freedom of Religion. As a Part of our meditation the use of Ganja is encouraged and the abuse of alchohol is discouraged. Ganja allows you to free your mind from the ties of society and think of life as a whole where you have been, are at, and where you want to be in the future. Many people use cannabis as a medicine that can treat chronic pain and headaches which conventional medicine cannot or is to harsh on the body to be taken, with risk of substance addiction. One physically cannot be addicted to marijuana it is merely an amplifier to the nuerotransmitters in our brain and spinal collumn. These sites are not used by the body to produce a pain killer like opiates and doesnt create inhibition like the G.A.B.A. in alchohol or antipsychotics such as valluums and xanax. Instead it uses the site with the most nuerotransmitters in the body that help us function in everyday life and enhanses the stimulus felt by each individual transmitter. Let Us Rastafaras enjoy their religion without persecution In every state by Decriminalization of Marijuana, give us Rasta's Religious Marijuana Cards to partake in our religion, as Patients have with Medicinal Marijuana Cards. Our Religion Has been prosecuted for years becuase why? We use Ganja. A plant that has been here for on our planet for ages. For as long as our Religion has existed, and even furthur back than the begining of christianity. Our moralistic values are just as high as christians, jew, and muslims, we only want the acceptance of the world in our use of Ganja. Christians have holidays around the calander to celebrate what they belive in, In our country why can't we just have the freedom to openly share our religion, and practices as we were garunteed by the Founders of this great nation, when it was created. Once decriminalized crime rates will drop, import of drugs through drug cartells will decrease, imporperly placed criminals will be removed from government funded organizations, taxes on Ganja will increase state revenue, and will boost the economy indefinately. Please all my people want is the freedom we thought we were gaurenteed, and the benifits that come with it, not only will this help us the people, and our religious rights, but the United States Government and econmy will reap the profits, and benifits in several areas. Thank-you for your time.

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    1. Reached 25 signatures
    2. cont' After Arresst on May 25 and 26th

      mat trindle
      Petition Organizer

      i was released on a thousand dollar bail from my dad on a 10,000 dollar bond. Than another 200 was required to get my truck out of impound. I was refused to be given food several times, before i seen the cop i had half a bag of cheetos and a bowl of cherios all day, and was told i would be served at 5, at 5 i was told i had missed breakfast and i would have to wait till 12.I honestly did nothing wrong besides parking the wrong way which i never thought would land me in jail. The arresting officer had profiled me as a mexican at which point he thought he had the right to search me for drugs which is wrong, I dont even drink i really do use ganja as meditative substance i have to many things to do an too many places to be to be mentally gone instead its used to relieve the stresses of the world like the discrimination and profiling ive been put through every day of my life. Please help me defeat this injustice buy signing my petition and joining my movement towards true religous freedom!

    3. cont' Arrest on May 25th

      mat trindle
      Petition Organizer

      I told him there was no dope in my vehicle, he refused to listen and back up was called at which point he called me a mexican ( Im east Indian, an White). He soon had me and one friend on the curb of my other friends house while my other friends there mom an moms boyfriend watched as the officers searched through my car quickly tearing open my cutco bag and than continually searching my truck. They than found a couple grams of reggie(dirt weed) and considered a bunch of stuff paraphenilia that wasnt i had no pipes and no papers. I was NEVER READ MY RIGHTS. I kept asking about my religous rights and was never answered. I got to the jail and they gave me a paper which said they couldnt legaly keep me detained for RELIGIOUS, ETHNIC, GENDER ECT... I ended up with 3 counts of possesion and 1 count of negligent parking, my truck was impounded after my friends parents offered to move it into thier driveway and i lost 14 hours of my life without food untill noon the next day an hour before

    4. as of may 25th i was arrested outside my friends home when leaving work

      mat trindle
      Petition Organizer

      I work for Cutco Cutlery and as a representative of the vector foundation it is my job to show personal demonstrations to potential customers. Demos last between 45 to 2hours long. Late thursday night i left the office around 8:30pm from there i went to an appointment i had scheduled with my friends mom down the street in Norman, Oklahoma. The demo went as ussual and ended up in a no sale shortly after i was leaving. A NPD pulled up to my truck which was facing the wrong way in traffic in a neighborhood becuase i was coming from the opposite direction. He informed me of why he stopped which was for disrupting traffic ( in a neighborhood for being parked the wrong way) and proceeded to ask if i had any weapons in the car. I pulled a bag from the back with the cutlery in it to the front at which point the cop told me making sudden movements could end up in me being shot! He soon asked me an one friend to step out of my car. he searched us both and found nothing. he said he smelled dope,

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    Reasons for signing

    • Maria Escudero SAN ANTONIO, TX
      • over 1 year ago

      I am a Rastafarian believer and practice the religion faithfully.

    • emily schaer MCHENRY, IL
      • over 1 year ago

      Queen Ganja rules all. Hail the queen. toke toke toke

    • robert dorr SWANSBORO, NC
      • almost 2 years ago

      I am a medical marijuana user from North Carolina, where it is still illegal. We are not up against common sense here, we are up against pharmaceutical and alcohol lobbies who throw money at politicians. Good luck to common sense in trying to overcome very common greed. I have a petition as well for medical marijuana in North Carolina, I hope some of you will take a minute to sign.

    • javier fernandez SANGER, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      its a sacrament. its a plant. and the indians do peyote.

    • Andre Thomas NEW YORK, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      why do everybody have the right to practice there belief in peace but we don't. its not just use for smoking, its better then cotton and any pharmaceutical drugs that destroys our body.


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