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Use the Simpson-Bowles Report to address the federal deficit issue.

    1. Ed Meehan
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      Ed Meehan

      Aldie, VA

Our politicians are more concerned about their jobs then they are about getting the country on a sound economic footing.  

Here is what some respected parties have recently said on the matter:

Tom Friedman of the NYTimes, in his November 22nd column, said " I believe the best way for Obama to do that [put the country on a sustainable economic recovery path] is by declaring today that he made a mistake in spurning his own deficit reduction commission, chaired by Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, and is now adopting Simpson-Bowles — which already has Republican and Democratic support — as his long-term fiscal plan to be phased in after a near-term stimulus. If he did that, he would win politically and create a national consensus that would trump his opponents, right and left."

“I think what happened with Simpson-Bowles was an absolute tragedy,” Warren Buffett said on CNBC last week. “They work like a devil for 10 months. ... They compromise. They bring in people as far apart as [Democratic Senator Dick] Durbin and [Republican Senator Tom] Coburn to get them to sign on and then they’re totally ignored. I think that’s a travesty.”


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    2. Simpson-Bowles: It’s Back, and Better Than Ever

      Ed Meehan
      Petition Organizer

      Whoever wins the U.S. presidency in November will potentially have to deal with combined tax increases and spending cuts that could extract 3 percent to 4 percent of gross domestic product from the economy -- a potentially catastrophic fiscal blow to the recovery from the deepest recession in 80 years.

      The good news is that there are signals that negotiations could center around the debt-reduction recommendations of the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles panel two years ago.

    3. Bowles: "We Are Going Over The Fiscal Cliff"

      Ed Meehan
      Petition Organizer

      In a rare group appearance, Warren Buffett, Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles came together in Sun Valley for a CNBC interview. They discussed the Simpson-Bowles plan to reduce the federal deficit and called out Congress for “not doing its job” to help our economic recovery.

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    5. The Concord Coalition praises a bipartisan deficit-reduction plan March 28

      Ed Meehan
      Petition Organizer

      The Concord Coalition today praised a bipartisan deficit-reduction plan in the House that is based on principles outlined by the Simpson-Bowles commission.

      Representatives Jim Cooper (D-Tenn.) and Steven LaTourette (R-Ohio) offered the plan as an amendment to the budget resolution being considered on the House floor today. The Cooper-LaTourette plan would reduce federal deficits by more than $4 trillion, with two-thirds of the deficit savings coming from spending cuts and one-third from tax reform.

      “This budget amendment is a major breakthrough,” said Robert L. Bixby, Concord’s executive director. “It gives House members a chance to consider a bipartisan deficit-reduction plan that achieves significant savings from all parts of the budget. More than any other plan under consideration, it puts results ahead of ideological purity.”

    6. Clint Eastwood and Dick Durbin say pursue Simpson-Bowles

      Ed Meehan
      Petition Organizer

      More voices back Simpson Bowles

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    8. Obama's Deficit Delemma

      Ed Meehan
      Petition Organizer

      Good Info on how Simpson-Bowles is influencing policy

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    Reasons for signing

    • Mike Cummings ELLICOTT CITY, MD
      • over 1 year ago

      The US is on a path to bankruptcy. Too little revenue, too many expenses, too much debt are a train wreck for the U.S. and the World. We will not solely grow our way out of this mess and more than we will solely cut our way out of this mess. It is common sense business -- it will take both and both political parties need to stop arguing along party lines and work together or we will go bankrupt as a country. See how their constituents like them then.

      • over 1 year ago

      a balanced program with entitlement reform, closing of tax loopholes and deleting pork from the budget is the patriotic approach rather than a political solution

    • Jesse Raubenolt ASHLAND, OH
      • over 1 year ago

      I'm an American!

    • Frances Horich OWINGS MILLS, MD
      • over 1 year ago

      Because I want this country to be functional and I think Simpson-Bowles is a way to proceed that actually is governing something many of our elected officials clearly do not understand

    • Lloyd Lavagetto OAKLAND, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I am pretty liberal, but I think the liberal members of the House and Senate are too entrenched against Medi-Care & Social Security & Medicaid trimming. Tax the wealthiest first YES, but eventually middle class rates must also be part of the solution. THE FISCAL FUTURE OF THE COUNTRY TRUMPS THE PERSONAL INTERESTS OF POLITICIANS who pander and posture on the left and right to further their political future.


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