Conceptus, Inc. Makers of of Essure sterilization birth control: To get Essure implants off the market and, reimburse women for this
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Essure sterilization implants

Conceptus, Inc. Makers of of Essure sterilization birth control: To get Essure implants off the market and, reimburse women for this

    1. talisha streit
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      talisha streit

      new haven, MI

There are so many out there including myself that is suffering from these devices, women who felt lied, and got their health stolen. The essure website claims that these devices are but, they are not. I have start a facebook called " problems with essure implants" another facebook page is called 'essure problems" another group called "essure problem" with all three pages it totals up to almost 1500.00 women and possibly more out there. women who had to under gone hysterectomies, just to get the pain to stop, and their health back. women reporting edometriosis which could spread to the bowel, and cause u to lose part of your rectum, and possibly have to get a colostomy bag. women who have to suffer from ovarian cysts, nausea all the time , tiredness, coils getting lost in their uterus, and their stomach, heavy bleeding, blood clots, changes in menstrual cycles, pain during intercourse, and the list goes on. A lot of us don't even have health insurance so, you can about imagine the health care bills, for many trips to the hospital. Essure says these devices are safe, they don't sound safe to me. not to mention they say have have 99.85% of not getting pregnant, and the ones that got pregnant basically saying in so many words its the patients fault, and some the patients didn't get the 3 month dye test to confirm they are blocked. i have women on my page, and other pages that got pregnant even after the 3 month dye test that confirmed their tubes were blocked. One women on my page had a news interview about her getting pregnant, after the confirmation of her tubes being blocked. so, there is more pregnancies then they are reporting out there. Not to mention, if you have allergic reaction to nickel then you will have a allergic reaction to this, and women are not being told this. A lot of doctors, don't believe us. They think it's all in our head, and there is no way Essure can do this. funny thing is, a lot of women have reported problems after getting Essure, and there is just to many of us for it to be all in our head. laywers don't wanna take the case. it is so sad, we just want our lives back and justice. essure states these devices are irreversible but, there are a couple of websites that say they can remove or reverse essure without a hysterectomy. It cost 5,000 to 8.000 dollars and insurance won't cover it. We want this company to be accountable for all this pain and suffering we have children, and a lot of us is in so much pain it hard to play with our children. which breaks our hearts because our kids don't understand. We didn't know or asked for this while having these devices, or a lot of us who got tricked or forced into it. I cry for so many of these women who are suffering daily who just want these things out and to get some relief. I think conceptus inc should reimburse women to help get them removed or reversed, and for women who lost organs due to this implants. Conceptus doesn't care about us, they just want to sell their product, and they think because they have millions of dollars they can do whatever they want, and have lawyers to back them up. I understand there are women out there was just fine from these devices. But, that can't say it works for everyone we are proof. Please sign our Petition, and help us fight to get our lives back. We really need a lot of support during this difficult time in our lives.

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      talisha streit
      Petition Organizer

      you can tell your story, on, it a website for women and familes that has been affected by these coils.

      Essure Procedure | Erin Brockovich

      I started this website for women who have had the Essure Procedure so they could share their stories and concerns about Essure. I believe that collectively we are strong voices that can create change and not only help ourselves but educate and share our stories so that we can help others find the help and comfort they need.

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    • Monica Lockwood KAILUA-KONA, HI
      • 2 months ago

      I considered myself informed when I had this procedure done 7 yrs ago but I guess not all the info was available. 2 years of constant pain. I'm over it but my dr is unresponsive.He says it's because I'm over weight. I need a new dr.

    • Brie Artis PADUCAH, KY
      • 3 months ago

      My Dr put 3 coils in me and risked my life during emergency surgery to get them out!

    • Mandi Burrows BATTLE CREEK, MI
      • 3 months ago

      I got esure in 2011 and it is horrible! I have all these symptoms and feels like I'm in labor 90% of the time. I wish I never got it! I pray I can get it removed.

    • Melissa Tidwell ROCKDALE, TX
      • 3 months ago

      I'm 23 and have been suffering from essure for 2 years now. I have 4 young children who don't understand what going on and it breaks my heart everyday.

    • chandra young NOVINGER, MO
      • 3 months ago

      I'm 31 yr old and now have neurological issues, allergy to nickel that's new and looming auto immune disorders now. I'm getting a full hysterectomy asap to get them out Cuz I can't afford a reversal


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