• Petitioned Commute Death Sentence to Kasab; abolish death sentence altogether

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Commute Death Sentence to Kasab; abolish death sentence altogether

Commute Death Sentence to Kasab; Abolish Death Sentence Altogether

    1. Anand S
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      Anand S

      Delhi, India

Dear Mr President

We, the undersigned, urge the Government of India to grant mercy to Md. Ajmal Kasab and commute his death sentence to one of imprisonment for the rest of his natural life. We believe that it is wrong and immoral to kill a human being by way of revenge or punishment. Executing Kasab in the name of the Indian people will only feed a base blood lust that will make our society more blood-thirsty, vengeful and violent. It will not contribute to our safety or well-being in any way. On the other hand, keeping Kasab in jail for the rest of his life and treating him like a human being allows for the possibility of him regaining his humanity, repenting his crime and atoning for the harm he has caused. That would indeed be a big victory in our battle against terrorism. We believe that all of us – the best and the worst – are in need of mercy, and it is only by showing mercy that, morally, we ourselves become entitled to receiving it. Bereft of mercy, our society becomes impoverished and inhuman. If we have to become a more humane and compassionate society, and leave a better, and less blood-thirsty world behind for our children, we have to curb our instinct for bloody retribution and abandon the practice of killing those who have hurt us.

As Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, framer of Indian Constitution said “This country by and large believes in the principle of non-violence. It has been its ancient tradition, and although people may not be following it in actual practice, they certainly adhere to the principle of non-violence as a moral mandate which they ought to observe as far as they possibly can and I think that, having regard to this fact, the proper thing for this country to do is to abolish the death sentence altogether.”

98 nations have abolished capital punishment. Let it not be said that there is no place left in our hearts for mercy or that the "national conscience" can only be satisfied by the killing of Kasab.

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      • almost 2 years ago
    • anand patwardhan MUMBAI, INDIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Kasab is a monster like Nathuram Godse was. Executing people like them could neither cure them nor the society that spawned them. Sparing their life, while depriving them of their liberty would keep open the possibility that they might one day be healed. And it would say to the forces that spawned them that there is another path.

    • Vijayasingh Ronald David KUSHALNAGAR, INDIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Capital punishment is wrong.Violence will end with violence

    • Bhushan Malgaonkar MUMBAI, INDIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Rapes and murders by those in positions of power have killed or are responsible for culpable homicide of lakhs of our citizens, and granting impunity to these persons and directing our hatred towards mainly Kasab like persons branded as terrorists is highly irrational or misinformed decision. See also Second optional Protocol on International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights on abolition of death penalty which is not yet ratified by India.

      • almost 2 years ago

      As a Roman Catholic, where I was brought up in my Christian Faith I believ in reconciliation and freedom of choice to choose between the right or the wrong, my conscience and belief does not give me the authority to condemn least I be condemned. In the Old Testament the God of our fathers gave us laws ( The ten commandments) in the new law Jesus the son of God gave us just two commandments. The first is love God and the secound is to love thy neighbour.


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