Community rights over livelihood resources

Community rights over livelihood resources

    1. Gladson  Dungdung
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      Gladson Dungdung

      Ranchi, IN

The tribals are suffering from many problems these days. The main problem lies in the mindset of the corporate houses, who are not ready to understand the tribal society, which is based on agro-forest based subsistence economy, did not develop the habit of savings or taking up business entrepreneurship. The communities depend on agriculture and forests for their sustenance. They mostly practice agriculture and collect so-called minor forest produces to meet their everyday needs.

They do not only depend on the natural resources for their livelihood, but their identity, dignity, autonomy and culture are based on it. 90 percent of them still live in or in close proximity to the forests therefore the community will not survive if they are alienated from the natural resources, which the people of so-called mainstream of the society are not ready to accept and consider while designing the development projects. Rehabilitation, Resettlement and CSR programmes will not address the real issues of the tribal communities because all these are based on the profit making, which is against of the tribal culture, principles and ethos. Therefore we must ensure their rights over livelihood resource - land, forest and water as they had.

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    • Vinod Bodhankar PUNE, INDIA
      • over 6 years ago

      My dad worked with tribals for their empowerment, for their protection, his whole life. From childhood we children were exposed to field trips in jeeps to remote tribal areas, seeing Dad talk in 14 different dialects to these children of the forests and mountains !

      The tribal way of life respects the network of life in Nature. It may fast be overwhelmed by urban greed. We need to stand up and be counted to form the team- earth which will protect these children of the soil and the forests. Their intimate knowledge of nature and resources will be a blessing to us in the times to come.

      Simplicity. Trust. Timeless Patience. Resilience.

      It is worth protecting.

    • Albertina Almeida TALEIGAO, GOA, INDIA
      • over 6 years ago

      Because I also believe that people (and I hasten to add this includes women) must be at the centre of development. People's livelihoods must be prioritised over corporate profits.

    • Gladson Dungdung RANCHI, IN
      • over 6 years ago

      Initiated this Action!


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