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Overturn ruling on taxpayer-funded sex change for convicted murderer.

    1. Susan Johnson
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      Susan Johnson

      Hyde Park, MA

US District judge Mark Wolf said the Dept. of Correction must provide the taxpayer-funded gender reassignment surgery For Robert (Michelle) Kosilek because it is the only way to treat Kosilek's "serious medical need." ARE YOU KIDDING? This is NOT a serious medical need. We DO NOT support this decision and we certainly don’t want our hard-earned tax dollars funding this surgery. If this ruling is not overturned, we would like to see the Commonwealth of Massachusetts provide those of us who are outraged with the option of OPTING OUT.

If Judge Wolf feels so bad for this convicted murderer, then let HIM pay for the surgery rather than impose the burden of cost onto the taxpayers of Massachusetts. It would be an outrageous abuse of taxpayer dollars. If common sense cannot prevail here, let those of us who still have common sense OPT OUT of this ridiculous imposition.

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    • Kerry Haggerty WATERTOWN, MA
      • almost 2 years ago

      This MAN murdered someone. He should not have any special rights. The moment he chocked the life out of his wife was the moment he lost all rights to everyday normal life choices.

    • Danice Rietbrock HOWARDS GROVE, WI
      • almost 2 years ago

      The thought of our legal system entertaining the possibility of granting a gender sex change for this inmate on tax payer's money is extremely disturbing. This person has been incarcerated for murder. It appears that only AFTER this person was in prison did he claim a gender disorder. It appears that he originally claimed self-defense in a domestic argument, in which he experienced hot tea spilled on his genitals and ultimately, strangled his wife.

      As far as I am concerned, the only mental health problem this individual has is the guilt of sinful killing of another human being. Let him take that guilt up with his higher power. He claims he will commit suicide if he does not receive a sex change. How far is the legal system going to allow his threat of suicide to obtain whatever else he will want while serving a life sentence for murder. Every time an inmate cries anxiety and depression, we tax payers should pay for his wants and wills? He gave up his freedom of want and will the day he murdered another human being.

      Our Nations' government (and politicians) can write laws and lobby for abortion rights, gay marriages, and demand Obama healthcare, but these same policy makers cannot write a law on elective surgery for prison inmates that cost tax payers thousands of dollars? Who is paying for this dude's defense attorney? How does an inmate afford legal counsel on this matter short of more tax payer dollars? What attorney even thinks this is right?

      I am a woman that has to shave the hair on my body and/or look for every product on the market to remove hair from my body. Will the Federal Government please set aside billions of dollars for us hairy women to subsidize our hair removal costs.

      The Court should never have approved female hormone therapy for this inmate to begin with. This dude (who was born and identified at birth as a male) who entered into marriage with a woman and bore a child and then killed his wife, needs deeper psychiatrist therapy, rather than giving into his woes of a sex change surgery.

      Send him to a mental health hospital for a while, and return him to jail for the crime he committed... murder.

    • Cristia Warren INDIANAPOLIS, IN
      • almost 2 years ago

      Total waste of taxpayer money! No wonder our government is broke! It should have received the death penalty & executed already! Disgusting!!

    • Myrna Menezes RANDOLPH, MA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I worked hard for my dollars I don't think it's fair to spend the my hard earning money to a murderer to fulfill his wants..what about my wants if I fail to pay taxes government will take my house, how is that fair to me?

    • Julie B WS, WA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Prisoners throw away their rights when they commit heinous crimes. It's a CHOICE they make, and they should not then be handed "rights" that law abiding citizens cannot afford. This is WRONG !!!


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