Make Kashmir's Streets Safe from Stray Dogs #StrayFreeKashmir
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Make Kashmir's Streets Safe from Stray Dogs #StrayFreeKashmir

    1. Farhana Latief
    2. Petition by

      Farhana Latief

      Mumbai, India

On 31st march, a 3 year old kid, Dua, after coming out of school bus, found herself with her sister being chased by over a dozen dogs. The little girl lost her balance and fell on the ground. The stray pack at once pounced on her and bit her face, the poor child crying as the dogs bit and barked. 

 Greater Kashmir, J&K's leading news paper, reports that medical records vide Card No 254398 reveal that Dua was a “Dog bite Category III case.” “Face and cheeks have multiple bite marks lacerated around angles of mouth,” it adds. A doctor explained the diagnosis thus: 'The patient’s mouth has been torn apart by dogs. The same is visible on Dua’s swollen face which has multiple stitches on the two sides of her mouth, near the nose and her eyebrows.'

The three-year-old Dua can't even cry because it's painful and the crying can tear apart the stitches on her cheeks.The little girl sits quietly on the bed as tears continue to trickle down her face while her family members try to console her. 

This girl from Baba Pora, Habba Kadal area of Shaher-e-Khaas is just one of the several victims of attacks by stray dogs. Srinagar with over one lakh dogs reportedly on prowl has witnessed a surge in the canine attacks while at least four persons including a 10-year old boy and a 60 year old man have died on account of attacks by stray dogs in past year itself. To

To make matters worse, the treatment for this child didn’t come easy for this family whose sole bread earner, Dua’s father, is a bus driver. 

Immunoglobulin, something vital for treatment of dog bite cases wasn’t available at the hospital. The family spend around Rs 700 to get it from open markets.
 An official at the GMC while admitting the failure to keep   available the stock of this vital medicine says: “We don’t procure this because we cannot afford it keeping in view the inflow of dog bite cases. So victims have to get it of their own.”

When contacted Medical Superintendent SMHS hospital, Dr Nazir Chowdary said he knew nothing about the case. 

About the alleged non-availability of proper isolation ward, he said it was the prerogative of Social and Preventive Medicine Department.  “This is the concern of SPM better contact them,” he said

Here it needs a mention that the stray dog population in Kashmir is estimated to be over 10 lakh. The municipal authorities last year had planned a dog sterilization and culling drive to curb the growing menace but this has been resisted by some animal rights groups and dog lovers. 

 After a few days of little lull in dog attacks, the canines Monday made a bloody comeback with at least 51 persons falling prey to the lethal attacks in the Srinagar city. Monday witnessed the highest number of dog bite cases in the city in a day this year. Here goes the story ;

We want a Humane solution to this problem.

To control this increasing problemSign this petition and ask the SMC and the Government agencies to take the following steps:

1. Sterilize and vaccinate these stray dogs to counter-check their increasing number and to prevent the spread of rabies. 

2. Making of Dog pounds and taking those dogs away from the inhabited places.

3. Door  to Door collection of food wastes by the municipal authorities should be encouraged instead of the road side bins.

4. Rabies vaccine should be given to the victim of a dog bite in or near  the area of the bite..

5. Installation and Repair of street lights, so that people can walk safely on roads and can avoid walking on the sides where dogs are present.

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    1. Online campaigners say any real protests on streets are checked by police

      Farhana Latief
      Petition Organizer

      The campaign has gone online as those protesting against the administrations inability to tackle the stray dog menace say any real protests on the streets are checked by the police. The online campaigners, are outraged by the pictures showing children and women bitten by canines, published in local dailies say their street protests are seen as administration’s failure and thus “curbed by police”.

    2. Apr 27:Stray dogs seem to be hell bent to keep their terror alive on humans

      Farhana Latief
      Petition Organizer

      Call it fate or coincidence, but in the latest the dogs have mauled a medico from the department, which treats the bite victims at SMHS Hospital. And this victim was mauled right outside the hospital.
      This 32-year-old medico doing House Job at the Surgery Department, which mostly administers dog bite cases in the odd hours, was rushed in as a patient for something which he had been treating.
      “This deadly attack on our colleague may be a laughing stock for the government which has been silent over the dog issue… For all logical reasons it was revenge from the canines against the saviors,” shouted some doctors at the SMHS Anti Rabies Clinic (ARC), while Dr Parwaiz was given the second shot of vaccination, vide MRD No 496288.
      When contacted the ARC Incharge, Dr Shehnaaz confirmed the medico was a victim of the deadliest, Category III bite, which can cause incurable rabies.

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    4. Apr 25: KID, MOTHER,and dozen odd people mauled.

      Farhana Latief
      Petition Organizer

      Three-year-old Rohan Preet Singh son of Charanjeet Singh was mauled by street dogs right outside his Rambagh residence in south City when the mother-son duo were standing there.
      Rohan had just arrived home from Little Tiny Hearts school when the dogs mauled him.
      And Govt. continues to maintain its silence over the rising concern among the public.

    5. High Court Bar Association (HCBA) has decided to fight a legal battle

      Farhana Latief
      Petition Organizer

      The PIL which was earlier filed by Syed Musaib a law student, Advocates Nadeem Qadri, A R Hanjura, seeks intervention of Courts to address dog menace in the Srinagar city.
      The Bar Executive which was unanimous to take up the fight of common masses against the menace of stray dogs, has decided to approach the High Court with an application seeking impleadment as interveners in the Public Interest Litigation, already before the HC Division Bench.
      We really are optimistic that if BAR Association is allowed to plead as interveners, The Applicant side will have more strong arguements and the learned counselors can help court in arriving a better judgement in favour of public

    6. 51 patients were treated at the SMHS Hospital run Anti-Rabies Clinic (ARC)

      Farhana Latief
      Petition Organizer

      Apr 23: After a few days of little lull in dog attacks, the canines Monday made a bloody comeback with at least 51 persons falling prey to the lethal attacks in the Srinagar city. Monday witnessed the highest number of dog bite cases in the city in a day this year.

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    8. Decision-maker Dr. G.N. Qasba responds:

      Dr. G.N. Qasba

      Dear Irfan Sahib ,

      Thank you for the concern about stray dog population in Srinagar !

      The sterilization of the stray dogs shall start soon ! 

      Besides our focus is on clean lanes and sub lanes of Srinagar  , free of food garbage ....

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    Reasons for signing

    • Gowher Sheikh SRINAGAR, NJ
      • over 2 years ago

      Because we want to be protected. It can happen to my children and even me too.

    • Manzoor Bhat PULWAMA, KS
      • over 2 years ago

      Stray dogs if so imbalanced are dangerous for the society ,in this regard it is the obligatory duty to raise voice however it is establish fact that to do nothing against the control of stray dogs is the contempt of constitution and insult to democracy

      • over 2 years ago

      Stray dogs have let the reign of terror to every kook & corner of kashmir. Their are daily dog bite cases reported in the daily news papers. We can't let our innocent kids like DUA to fell pray to stray dogs only because some people love the dogs. I think poisening extra population of stray dogs is the only way out.

    • Saqib Laharwal SRINAGAR, INDIA
      • over 2 years ago

      Stray Dogs are called stray dogs for a reason, they are are not an acceptable part of a civilised society , If these heinous creatures are being saved in the wake of Animal Rights Law , then MS Maneka Gandhi should also campaign to save Malaria Mosquitoes , Plague spreading rats , Cockroaches after all they are also living creatures aren't they so why kill them? These dogs have KILLED children as young as 3 year olds, please act sanely and get rid of them once for all!!!!

    • Uzain Zahoor SRINAGAR, INDIA
      • over 2 years ago

      Dogs are at prowl . It is a threat to children n others ,, Plz take some steps ...


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