Colorado Energy Office: Ban Water Withdrawals for Fracking
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Colorado Energy Office: Ban Water Withdrawals for Fracking

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July 2012 - Bloomberg - USDA Declares Disaster in 26 State as Drought Sears the Midwest.

And billions of gallons of water withdrawals for fracking continue on a daily basis ?  Because????? 


Study shows fracking depletes the water supply

We are parched - literally burning up in June 2012.  Drinkable water is finite.

Farmers are repeatedly outbid at water-auctions by gas frackers.  Our aquifers are depleting. Streams are drying up. Clean water is being contaminated.  Are we choosing gas over food?

Billions of gallons of pure water are being withdrawn by the gas industry for fracking. Billions transformed into toxic waste which migrates underground - and comes up as toxic slurry that requires burial somewhere, further creating a polluting problem.  July 2012 Mortgage companies won't insure homes near frack sites stating "risks are too grave".

We need this water for drinking and irrigation and recreation and currently we need it to fight fires. We also need it to be affordable. The diminishing supply due to fracking is increasing everyone's water bills to astromomical levels.  when will the link be made between these massive water withdrawals and the fires / drought?

The current scenario is not sustainable

Mr. Hickenlooper, CO Engergy Department, we are asking you to listen to your citizens and not the lobbyists for gas. We are asking you to please Ban all new water withdrawals for hydrofracking immediately.  Colorado is drying up.  We simply cannot allow the gas industry to continue taking our water from us.

Look to Germany who banned fracking, Follow their lead. They just provided over 50% of their ENTIRE country's energy (at peak hours) with renewables alone. And they have no where near the amount of sunny days that Colorado has.  Invest in solar and wind like Germany is proving can be done. Require all new buildings to have solar panels on them. Germany will be totally fossil fuel free by 2025 - 13 years! Where will CO be?  A polluted burned up wasteland?  They banned fracking because of the outrageous water use and health hazards it causes.  They have found a clean, sustainable way to power themselves.  Our water is literally becoming unaffordable and our parched land is burning up and our local food sources are evaporating.

Please Ban any new water withdrawals for frackers.  Put an emergency moratorium on them today.  CO can't continue this way. Running out of water because of the billions of gallons used every day by thirsty polluting gas frackers is not an option.

Thank you.  I am signing this because I love Colorado and am worried about it's future if you continue to allow the massive water withdrawals for fracking.


photo credit: originally posted by Daniel R. Patterson

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      • about 1 year ago

      I live on a farm which suffered from drought this year. At the same time, the area around me is being considered for fracking. If the energy company Kinder Morgan goes through with this, the already depleted reservoir will have a very hard time keeping up with everyone's water needs. What is more important: the land, people's health, and food production, or drilling for more dirty fuel just so a few select people can put food on THEIR tables?

    • John Schutz DENVER, CO
      • about 1 year ago

      I believe the 'drought' is being contrived for water vectoring purposes:

    • Cheng Han Chan PACHECO, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      I am strongly against hydraulic fracturing. Not only is this method extremely harmful for our drinking water, it has been shown that the methane leaks are many times more harmful for the atmosphere than the carbon dioxide as one of the potent greenhouse gases. If fracking continues, will accelerate the destruction of our environment faster than anything else ever will.

    • Sandra Thacker DENVER, CO
      • almost 2 years ago

      Humankind cannot exist without water. Of all the resources we must guard, water is number 1. Fracking--for the purpose of quick profit for energy companies--is no justification for ruining America's water. Stop now!

    • Shannon MacQueen WINDSOR, CO
      • almost 2 years ago

      Water is a HUGE deal, why are we throwing it away and turning it in to toxic sludge? We use oil, but we NEED water.


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