Coles: Stop exploiting workers at your Somerton warehouse -- improve conditions immediately
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Coles: Stop exploiting workers at your Somerton warehouse -- improve conditions immediately

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      Diana Beaumont


I’m a teacher in the Somerton area. I usually shop at Coles, and I’m shocked at what I’ve seen on the news about how workers are treated in Coles’ Somerton warehouse. Coles made $1.8 billion profit last year. It doesn't seem fair that the workers who do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes are treated like this.

Workers at Coles’ Somerton warehouse get paid approximately 20% less than workers in other Coles warehouses.

Coles has tried to avoid its responsibilities by outsourcing their warehouse in Somerton to Toll Holdings. But these workers are still generating profits for Coles by stocking its supermarkets, and they deserve to be treated the same as workers in all other Coles warehouses.

Workers in the Coles Somerton warehouse are just asking for equal pay with other Coles warehouse workers, to get penalty rates for working afternoon and weekend shifts, and to be able to choose whether or not they work on public holidays. I find it shocking that my supermarket would try and exploit workers like this. 

I can't believe that a brand that's willing to spend millions marketing itself as a "family friendly" brand, won't provide decent conditions for their warehouse workers. Coles is just exploiting warehouse workers for extra profits.

Please sign my petition telling Coles CEO Ian McLeod to improve conditions in the Somerton warehouse immediately -- and join me in not shopping at Coles this week! 

Coles, we know you can do better. Please improve workplace conditions at Somerton!

If you're on facebook, leave a message on Coles' facebook page here:

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      Nathan Elvery
      Campaigner, Australia

      To read about what the workers have won because of this hard fought campaign, see the NUW website here:

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      • over 2 years ago

      united we stand, divided we beg

    • Michael Watkins MURRUMBEENA, AUSTRALIA
      • over 2 years ago

      It's typical of bosses to treat workers as beasts of burden. Mere dray animals. Workers must fight for their right to equality, respect and decent wages and working conditions. If you don't fight you lose.

    • Patricia Burke DOUBLEVIEW, AUSTRALIA
      • over 2 years ago

      I have previously been very impressed with the way that Coles treats its staff. Whilst my daughter was doing her teacher training, Coles were always very supportive when she needed time off to do exams or practicums. This behaviour by Coles is a shock to me and I will be using Woolworths for my food shoping.

    • Brenda Kilmore SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA
      • over 2 years ago

      Coles is undermining worker's rights to reasonable conditions and pay. It is greedy and shows a lack of social conscience.

    • Barbara Trewick VIA MOSSMAN, AUSTRALIA
      • over 2 years ago

      Very hard act to swallow especially when Coles makes "MILLIONS" & they expect people to work like the 3rd world countries for very, very little pay, long hours & weekends. Respect your workers Coles! I will definitely take my shopping elsewhere - IGA sounds good to me! At least they treat their workers with respect. Come on Coles, love your country, love all Australians & give them a bloody fair go! I'm disgusted.


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