Provide free WATER and not COKE to children in Chiapas, Mexico.
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Provide free WATER and not COKE to children in Chiapas, Mexico.

    1. Janet Heunis
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      Janet Heunis

      Carseldine, Australia

"Mexicans are getting fatter faster than anyone else in the world." Mexicans also consume more soft drink per capita than any other country in the world. (watch from 9:48 onwards)

The developing world is Coca Cola's next frontier. In Australia and other developed countries, we are becoming more aware of what these drinks do to our health - Also in the developed world, soft drink companies are looking for alternatives, why? Because as health aware consumers, our buying power is clearly demonstrating that they MUST -

Now, as health aware consumers we must also use our buying power to fight for those without the facts, without the buying power and without an alternative source of hydration - ie clean drinking water!

These children are malnourished, becoming addicted and the long-term health affects on their bodies (not to mention their dental health) is yet to be fully realised.

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    • Shanoa Brooks CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA
      • about 2 years ago

      These children need water for their health and wellbeing.


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