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Stop The Abuse of Orphans in Shah-i-Jeelan Orphanage, Srinagar

    1. Qurat Masoodi
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      Qurat Masoodi

      Srinagar, India

The Shah-e-Jeelan Orphanage, Srinagar operating in Dalgate area of the city has been accused of “abusing and beating” the inmates for “petty” reasons.

The orphanage run by a former policeman in Kohna Khan area of Dalgate houses approximately 30 male and four female students in dire, insanitary conditions. The orphanage authorities are physically and verbally abusive towards them.

While conducting a psychosocial assessment of orphans of Valley I first visited the orphanage after some of its employees came to her home for collect donation.
I saw the conditions there are pathetic. Some children were sick and they were wearing tatters, I noted that a child had developed Heamaturia, a condition which leads to the release of blood in urine, and had high fever.

I found something worse happening over there when I visited the orphanage with a team of psychiatrists to conduct a psychological survey amongst the children and then providing them with appropriate counsel. When I arrived I saw the warden, hitting one of the boys, Ameen (name changed) to a point where he started bleeding. Upon asking why the boy is being beaten up, one of the employees of the orphanage said they suspected the young boy of smoking.

In another room, other children had been punished and were standing in rows, crying. At first I could not tell him (warden) anything. He stopped hitting the boy when I came but when I asked him what was wrong, he said I did not know how hard it is to take care of an orphan child. When I tried to know the reason of beating from the boy, I was told that he tried to run away from the orphanage multiple times.

The child showed various symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) such as insomnia and certain aggressive tendencies. He also expressed that he didn’t smoke but was too scared to explain and described his recent beating as the focal point of trauma.

I spoke to people within the orphanage and I found that the warden has been physically and verbally violent towards the children.

I have also filed a formal complaint with the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) and have appealed for immediate action against the person running the orphanage. SHRC has referred the case to the court of law for further proceedings.

In light of the above facts, I demand that:

1) The Shah-e-Jeelan Orphanage in Dalgate Srinagar be shut down.

2) Rehablitation of the children residing in this orphanage.

3) The issue be investigated and the Orphanage caretaker punished for child abuse.

4) The Govt should put in a mechanism in place to increase accountability from other Orphanages.


This is an important issue. I want our children to be protected from abuse. Please support me in this cause.

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Qurat Masoodi,

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    1. Social Welfare Department Not Taking Action on SHRC Order

      Qurat Masoodi
      Petition Organizer

      In spite of an order by the SHRC, the Social Welfare Department has not taken any action in this case. Even though on paper, the Social Welfare Department says that they've closed the orphanage, in reality, the orphans are still there. Let's unite in our demand to ask for solid, substantial action against the abuser and save the children from him.

    2. SHRC takes Cognizance of the case; Orders the Children to be shifted.

      Qurat Masoodi
      Petition Organizer

      In what is a major step forward towards victory, the State Human Rights Commission, vide order number SHRC/PIW/655 dated 25/6/212 has observed that 'The allegations leveled in the complaint after spot verification of the location by the team are by and large substantiated.'

      Vide the same order the SHRC has ruled that 'The Children in the Shah-i-Jeelan Yateem Trust be shifted to appropriate places duly registered by government.'

      And 'Govt should ensure that all such orphangaes be examined and an SOP put in place and no orphanage be allowed to function without prior registration from the concerned authorities.

      This gives our fight a major boost. Please share this petition widely so that we can build pressure on the government to act and do away with the menace once and for all.

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    Reasons for signing

    • arshia malik JAMMU, INDIA
      • over 2 years ago

      this is a disgrace......confirms my experience in Yateem Trust orphanage kupwara......

    • Saira Syed NEW DELHI, INDIA
      • over 2 years ago

      good job. i am glad that some news media has covered it. All the best and i will be updated on this. Thankyou for the information.

      • over 2 years ago

      This is In-Human, if the Orphanage dont know how to deal with the children,it should be closed down,before these beautiful flowers are ruined.

      The mushrooming of such NGO and Orphanages in the valley has become a buiness rather than Shelter Home.

    • Mazag Andrabi DELHI, INDIA
      • over 2 years ago

      Because everyone deserves to be loved and in this world the only source of unconditional love for a person is his/her parents. Any child who is unfortunate enough not to have parents, deserves to be loved and cared for by the entire world.

    • Imran Ali SRINAGAR, AL
      • over 2 years ago

      we must stop the child abuse in Kashmir and this is our duty to protect and the orphans.....


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