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Close down dogs deathcamps of Romania!
  • Petitioned Chamber of Deputies;Parliament of Romania

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Committee for the Investigation of Abuses, Corrupt Practices
Chamber of Deputies;Parliament of Romania

Close down dogs deathcamps of Romania!

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1. Stop the street animals overpopulation by national mass-sterilization program sustained from public funds.

2. Enforce shelter standards equivalent to those of most other European Union nations for both the municipal pounds and so-called "shelters" - animals hoarding!

Romania, as a EU country must enforce all City Hall /responsible to renovate the majority of municipal pounds in which dogs collected from streets are currently left starve, abused (beaten, poisoned), "disappear" = many brutally killed.

The living conditions from these pounds cannot be described in the right words: no hygiene, no veterinary support for the dogs, dogs are eating each other. There is no transparency regarding the pound management (visit hours, adoptions, volunteering), there is no financial transparency, public funds goes into a "black hole" and there is no evidence of humanely care for sheltered dogs.

There are also many individuals and "associations" - animal hoardings- which keep dogs collected from streets in unimaginable miserable conditions, respecting no hygiene and making more worse than rescue work.


These places should be closed until renovated to function according with the international laws.

Recent signatures


    1. Reached 9,000 signatures
    2. Looking ahead to a different way of sheltering?

      by ROLDA

      Imagine what’s worse and you will have the picture of how some shelters in Romania look like! In the past years, no improvement was done to none of these places which proof that there is no intention for animal well being to be taken in view or it might be possible that these places managers to be incapable of handling the responsibility of caring decently some hundreds of dogs.

      Join me and ask the local official to close all these shelters that do not meet the basic criteria to function according with the EU regulations.
      Romania will be closer to the European standards when we’ll stop sneaking and improvising, when we will take responsibility for our actions, for ourselves and for the beings that we voluntarily choose to take in our care.

    3. Galati pounds. Romanian pounds.

      by ROLDA

      The National TV from Norway were disgusted visiting one of these places, the air was hardly breathable, it smelled like putrefied meat and dog fecal were all over the place because there is no drainage, no way of cleaning or disinfecting the whole place.

      In the Galati local pounds, dogs were vanishing from the kennels. It was the former company policy to catch about 400 dogs/monthly and kill them all.
      It was no reservation from its director to publicly confess these actions.
      I do not understand the necessity for a number of 150-200 dogs, right in this moment, to be imprisoned and convicted to starve into a place that should be demolished or renovated from ground, in order to respect the current laws that everyone else is asked and should respect.

      The bottom line of this message: I am sure you are fully aware of the atrocities happened all over Romania, in pounds and indecent shelters. Imagine what’s worse and you will have the picture of how some shelters in Romania look like!

    4. Galati pounds introduction

      by ROLDA

      Closing down SPIKE will lead to closing down all the MISERABLE “shelters” of Romania?
      If yes, I am the first subscribing to (hopefully) a long list of people who understand the true meaning of “sheltering” in a normal society, who understand the need of investing to solve humanely, decently, correctly the strays overpopulation…not improving, pretending, bungling and overall, doing worse than good for these animals “rescued” from streets to live in prison spaces, in crowd, in misery, without food due to the “rescuers” lack of capabilities to do properly or go home and do something else!

      SPIKE example leads me to numerous others examples, for instance in Galati town, where a number of dogs’ establishments, some improvised in people’s gardens, functioning illegal.
      There are some shelters in Galati surprisingly authorized to exist.

    5. Closing down SPIKE means closing down all the filthy pounds of Romania?

      by ROLDA

      Not long ago I got an email alert regarding the dog pound SPIKE which was about to be closed down by the local authority that rented them,maybe 10 years ago, the land where SPIKE shelter functioned.

      Apparently, a poor management and lack of funds contributed to the local authorities’ decision. I would never publicly or privately sustain any animal hoarder as this is a severe form of animal abuse.
      I totally agree that there are many animal hoarders in Romania and many shelters run by local authorities and private animal lovers that are filthy concentration camps that should have been closed down in the second day after being opened. These miserable places’ administrators should have been controlled and put on charges for this type of abuse as “rescuing” animals in swamps (like it happens locally) in wrong, areas in which mosquitoes and other insects are more as normal to carry contagious diseases, areas with no disinfestations spaces, no medical care, sometimes not even food.

    6. Reached 2,500 signatures
    7. New proposed legislation in Romania about the street dogs

      by ROLDA

      On the national newspaper Evenimentul Zilei it was an article about what Romanian authorities propose to be the new law for street dogs of Romania.
      This new proposal include two options: dogs to be catch and placed into shelters for the rest of their lives/until being adopted or to be put to sleep. Under no circumstances the dogs will not be sterilized and returned on the territory.Plus, the local non-profit organizations are asked to contribute, including financially, for solving the street dogs overpopulation problems. Not only to be presented on talk shows.The Romanian Constitutional Court is against releasing dogs back on the territory because it is against a fundamental human right which gives a person the right to have a family and a private life.
      Sterilize and return is not a solution accepted apparently by the new law specifications.

    8. Reached 1,000 signatures
    9. 500 Signatures and counting...Join us to be a stronger voice!

      by ROLDA

      Thank you all who posted comments and express your concerns and views.

    10. 400 sgnatures in 3 days

      by ROLDA

      Not bad, but for sure we can ally more and faster...It takes two minutes (or less) to show your public disapproval for places like the one in the photo, places presented by so many Romanian activists, places hard to be described in words, where dogs starve, are abused or killed. Your signature might make a difference even for the places we yet never heard about, but exist sadly all over Romania.

    11. Reached 250 signatures
    12. Why to sign?

      by ROLDA

      No matter if you live in USA, UK, Romania or elsewhere on this Earth, the plight of Romanian strays cannot let you indifferent. If you are an animal lover, if you simply respect another life, or if you react like a compassionate human-being when others weaker voiceless defend less creatures are constantly abused, you find yourself in the right place.


    Reasons for signing

      • 4 months ago

      Because it's just a normal and human thing

    • Lotta Lindsjö HJäRUP, SWEDEN
      • 4 months ago

      Since I car for those dogs.

      • 5 months ago

      Damit es dort endlich artgerechter zugeht und nicht mehr so sehr unmenschlich

      • 5 months ago

      because it's the right thing to do. there's no other choice and because it's stupid I should even have to explain this.

    • jimi nicoll LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 5 months ago

      Mein Herz tut wehe wen ich ich immer dran denken muss! Wenn ich die Hunden nur retten konnen,wurde ich!! Hoffentlich kommt Das alle zu ende!! :(


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