Cleveland, Ohio spay and neuter solutions
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City Council of Cleveland, Ohio
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Cleveland, Ohio spay and neuter solutions

    1. joy robinson
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      joy robinson

      Ravenna, OH

Cleveland, Ohio needs to implement spay/neuter solutions for dogs within the city. Each year Cleveland Animal Control takes in over 4,000 stray, abused and neglected dogs. Only a portion of those animals are released back to owners or taken in to rescue to be re homed. The cost, both financial and moral is just too high.  We are asking for spay and neuter solutions in the form of low to no cost programs, mandatory spay and neuter before dogs are returned to owners from animal control and laws governing breeding and breeders.

According to the "Substantial cost savings typically come from reduction in the cost of services to deal with stray, abandoned, and feral animals and their offspring. To pick up, house for three days, and destroy an animal costs between $100-125. To spay/neuter an animal costs between $35-55.* Depending on the cost of services in their area, public agencies (and taxpayers) might save half to two thirds of their current animal-control costs after funding a spay/neuter program."

We are asking that the city of Cleveland develop a program to legislate low cost spay and neuter for dogs and to create breeder license with permit fees for any dog breeder. This will prevent dog overpopulation and save the city and the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars per year.

* Costs are based on SNAP estimate of $125 for Harris County, TX in 2000; Orange County, FL Animal Services estimate of $105 in 1995; Peter Marsh estimate of $105 in New Hampshire in 1994.

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    • Samantha Whetherholt PHOENIX, AZ
      • almost 2 years ago

      It is despicable to see so many homeless and unwanted animals in a city like Cleveland. This problem of large numbers of unneutered and unspayed dogs makes Cleveland look trashy.

    • Lisa Marie CLEVELAND, OH
      • almost 2 years ago

      My friend foster's dogs. A couple neighbors feed and trap and take cats to get spayed or neutered out of the kindness of their hearts. We adopted a neighborhood stray cat and neutered him.

    • Chloe Mosley ODENVILLE, AL
      • almost 2 years ago

      We need to spay, and neuter because there is so much homeless animals in shelters. If we don't be more responsible, and spay and neuter, we could get the problem more worse then it is today, we must fight back, spay, and neuter, adopt, not buy.

    • tammy Gatrell CANTON, OH
      • almost 2 years ago

      too many innocent animals dying daily!!! something has got to be done!!!

    • Susan Tibbetts READING, PA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I know tha there are people out there, that can't always afford to do this. If it's your choice of getting this done, or losing your dog, they need to know that there are other options out there. Sooner or later, I hope that things change for all bully breeds out there soon. I want to help so that another family, or families don't have to lose their dog, or move.


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