Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson/Council: Build New Kennel, Create Rescue Coordinator Position
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Mayor of Cleveland
Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson
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Terrell Pruitt
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Zachary Reed
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Joe Cimperman
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Kenneth Johnson
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Phyllis Cleveland
Ward 6
Mamie Mitchell
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TJ Dow
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Jeff Johnson
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Kevin Conwell
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Michael Polensek
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Martin Keane

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson/Council: Build New Kennel, Create Rescue Coordinator Position

    1. Lucy McKernan
    2. Petition by

      Lucy McKernan

      Seven Hills, OH

Offputting, inaccesible, and in the bowels of Cleveland, the City Kennel desperately FIRST needs a paid Rescue Coordinator position, and SECOND a new kennel in a location that affords livable conditions for visitors/adopters. Our kennel operates on an arbitrary basis, and the mayor and council continually turn a deaf ear to thousands of pleas. Perhaps leaders wrongly assume other pressing matters take precedence, but let's send the message that the way animals are treated is tantamount to how people are treated. Cleveland is a large city, and its animals -- and the people who work at the Kennel -- deserve better. This is an exciting time for animals in Ohio, Right now, a strong and growing corps of animals activists are also seeking to make animal abuse and cruelty a felony in Ohio. Let's start with what many consider Ohio's largest city, CLEVELAND, by bringing it into the 21st century, and improving conditions for animals and workers in our City Kennel!

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, Mayor of Cleveland
Terrell Pruitt, Ward 1
Zachary Reed, Ward 2
Joe Cimperman, Ward 3
Kenneth Johnson, Ward 4
Phyllis Cleveland, Ward 5
Mamie Mitchell, Ward 6
TJ Dow, Ward 7
Jeff Johnson, Ward 8
Kevin Conwell, Ward 9
Eugene Miller, Ward 10
Michael Polensek, Ward 11
Anthony Brancatelli, Ward 12
Kevin J. Kelly, Ward 13
Brian Cummins, Ward 14
Matt Zone, Ward 15
Jay Westbrook, Ward 16
Dona Brady, Ward 17
Martin Sweeney, Ward 18
Martin Keane, Ward 19
Build New Kennel, Create Rescue Coordinator Position

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    3. Healthy&Humane Story re: Cleve. Kennel

      Lucy McKernan
      Petition Organizer
      Help the City of Cleveland Kennel - Healthy and Humane Observer

      The City of Cleveland Kennel is a sad and sorry place. It is inaccessible and foreboding. The poor folks at the Kennel get their hearts broken day after day, as they try valiantly to rescue our companions that have, by no fault of their own, ended up there.


    Reasons for signing

    • Michelle Hale ROSWELL, NM
      • 8 months ago

      Every animal should have a safe and livable place to call home, even if it's temporary.

    • Robin McCorkhill NEWBURGH HTS., OH
      • 8 months ago

      This is very important to give the animals housed in the current facility a chance at live. The current facility is hard to find. It is not open after five p.m. to give people a chance to rescue a deserving animal. The current location is barren and not people friendly or animal friendly. We can and must do better as a society to protect those that can not protect themselves.

    • Karen Shappard CLEVELAND, OH
      • about 1 year ago

      I love animals and killing them is not the solution. All they want is to be loved and part of a family. The CAC doesn't even have a vet on duty. I network these dogs every single day to save them as they deserve a good life.

    • Corey Marshall CLEVELAND, OH
      • about 1 year ago

      If you were in need of a safe haven, be it a hospital, homeless shelter or police station, wouldn't you appreciate a safe, dedicated environment with a supportive staff and proper facilities?

      • about 1 year ago

      I love animals


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