Remove “Plan C” from consideration for the November 2012 ballot.
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Nancy Peppler

Remove “Plan C” from consideration for the November 2012 ballot.

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      Save Our Heights Schools

Heights Deserve Better!

The communities of Cleveland Heights, University Heights and South Euclid that comprise the CH-UH City School District deserve the best facilities master plan possible. The current plan (Plan C) is the wrong plan at the wrong price on the wrong time line for our community. We agree that our facilities need improving and that our district has too much capacity for its decreasing enrollment. We disagree with this plan on these key areas:

1) The overall cost (projected to be $206 million) is more than our community can afford and relies on too many sources of unsecured funding (the passage of a bond issue AND raising additional millions through state funding, donations from foundations and individuals and a long-term loan to be paid back with anticipated operational savings from the project and dipping into the District’s Permanent Improvement Fund).

2) The design is unproven in improving educational outcomes. The proposed design concepts call for student-directed learning communities made up of movable walls, glass partitions and garage door-style entrances to learning caves. Neither the district nor its consultants have been able to provide independent research that correlates this expensive design to improved academic outcomes. Nor have they answered requests for information on the acoustics of this design and the impact on learning.

3) This plan does not address two key issues the community has repeatedly raised: A) retaining a public elementary school within the city of University Heights, and B) preserving the historic core of our buildings. We believe it is short-sighted to implement a plan that will erode property values on which the district relies for revenue. Retaining unsightly 1970s additions and gutting 1926 structures to their steel frame erasing all remnants of historic character is directly counter to the original goals outlined by the Facilities Citizens Committee.

4) The decision-making process lacked transparency causing us to lose trust in the plan and those who will implement it. The district spent the majority of the time promoting a pre-conceived plan rather than engaging the community and listening to input.

Based on these points, as well as those raised by others who have signed, we respectfully request the CHUH School Board to stop the process of putting a bond issue on the ballot until 2013. We want to use this additional time to openly work together to compromise and create a plan that unites -- rather than divides -- our community.

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    1. CH-UH Board Votes Unanimously To Reject Facilities Master Plan Bond Issue

      This is exactly what our petition asked for, and now the hard work begins. I believe we must come together as a community to find an appropriate way to support our schools in a time of dwindling enrollment and with significant facilities needs. I ask each person who signed this petition to reflect on how what type of compromises are necessarily to move forward together. These are not only compromises from the district, but compromises each one of us are willing to make. Please email the CH-UH Board of Education with your thoughts on how to move forward in support of our schools. Thank you for your support!

    2. CH-UH school board hears much opposition to master facilities plan

      With limited public support, sending this $130 Million bond to the ballot is not a responsible use of the district's time and money. Please forward this to friends and neighbors in our community and ask them to sign before the board votes tonight at 7 pm.

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    4. We've reached 75 signatures & the board meets in 3 days!

      A big THANK YOU to everyone who has signed and forwarded to petition to friends and neighbors! Did you know the main page has a tool that lets you share the petition via Facebook? They also provide a link right underneath that let's you use email contacts instead. There's even a little Twitter icon at the bottom if that's a tool you use. Please share our petition and encourage others in our community to sign. We're sending an important message to the board: Heights Deserve Better!

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    6. The Board of Education will hold a special community forum on Monday

      When you ask friends and neighbors to sign the petition, invite them to come to the forum as either a speaker or a supporter. Thanks for your help!

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    Reasons for signing

    • Taneisha Wlliamson CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH
      • about 2 years ago

      My children attends Cleveland Heights University Heights school and I believe that they more important issues that are evident and requires more attention than for them to try to put this on the November ballot 2012.

    • Keith Eggeman CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH
      • over 2 years ago

      The Board of Education is accountable to taxpaying voters and needs to carefully reconsider its master facilities plan, which precludes having a bond issue on the 2012 ballot.

    • Jeri Ann Waltrip CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH
      • over 2 years ago

      Relying on unsecured funding is wrong. I don't like building based on fads. Look what we got stuck with in the 1970s. I would like to see some concrete plans before voting to spend money. So far, they keep changing every time someone complains. Take time & hammer out a good plan. Don't rush into this.

      • over 2 years ago

      As a resident of University Heights with a small child preparing to enter kindergarten in a year I am offended by the lack of consideration offered to citizens who would actually be utilizing schools in the district. I have never once voted against a school levy/bond, etc. but I would actively campaign against this if it ends up on the ballot this year. There are less expensive, planful, education-focused ways to restructure the district without targeting specific communities, particularly UH and Noble. Although I had never questioned sending my daughter to Gearity I am so appalled by the arrogance and short-sightedness of the current school board that my family is actively researching private and parochial education options.

    • Margaret Hall CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH
      • over 2 years ago

      I reject closing of any elementary schools. Historically closing a school has negative impact on a neighborhood. I love my city and my schools. I have lived in CH since 1968 and do understand the effects of school closures. This plan is unacceptible while it closes schools. Secondly, smaller class rooms equal a better educated student. Open classrooms do not work. This plan calls for larger pupil to teacher ratios, and open classrooms. Again, not acceptible.


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