Cleveland Co., NC: Ban the Animal Shelter Gas Chamber to Kill Innocent Homeless Pets
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Cleveland Co., NC: Ban the Animal Shelter Gas Chamber to Kill Innocent Homeless Pets

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      Larissa Tuttle

      Mission Viejo, CA

The Cleveland County Animal Control in North Carolina—under the authority of the Coordinator of Health Services and County Commissioners—has sparked controversy worldwide with their very high kill rate of adoptable dogs and cats and refusal of grant funds to remove the animal gas chamber. It’s time to let those responsible know, we demand change!

Here are the basic changes that need to be made as a mere start of overhauling this shelter:

• End the use of the gas chamber and use humane euthanasia, only when absolutely necessary as a last resort if no rescue or home is found

• Allow volunteers in to do temp testing, help socialize the animals, and give them care

• Keep the shelter open reasonable hours to facilitate adoptions and rescues—the current limited operating hours (16 hours per week) with no availability after 4 pm or on weekends is not acceptable. If they had reasonable open hours they would not need the inhumane outdoor drop box, which doesn't protect small dogs and large dogs from fighting eachother, doesn't stop cats from fighting each other, and doesn't stop spread of disease!

• Update the software system to allow timely updating of the status of the animals online

• Enforce good sanitation practices and start a vaccine program to help prevent disease

Please sign and share this petition to demand change now!

Thank you,

Take Action – Ban Animal Gas Chambers & Ban Gassing of Dogs & Cats Now

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    • Janice Thrift KINGS MOUNTAIN, NC
      • 3 months ago

      It's just like killing a child who is homeless it's not their fault

    • sarah davis STEPHENVILLE, TX
      • 4 months ago

      hearing this is an absolute outrage. this is disgusting and a serious form of abuse.

      • 4 months ago

      It's a shame how these animals are treated! Many changes need to be made! A drop off box!!! I've never ever heard of such a terrible thing! Many changes need to be made at this Shelter! Very inhuman!!

    • Rachel Erickson RALEIGH, NC
      • 5 months ago

      I am doing a policy memo in my civics class about banning the carbon monoxide gas chambers in NC and I am totally over with this kind of treatment to our animals.

    • Jennifer Baumgarner GRANITE FALLS, NC
      • 6 months ago

      No animal should loose their life because they don't have a home.


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