Name a street in honour of Jack Dyer
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Name a street in honour of Jack Dyer

    1. Suzana Talevski
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      Suzana Talevski

      Melbourne, Australia


A push to give Richmond legend Jack Dyer his rightful place in history has been launched with the Jack Dyer Tribute Campaign.

We call on the City Of Yarra to recognise the football identity as a hero of community by naming a street after him.

Campaign spokesperson and Richmond resident Suzana Talevski said the recognition was well overdue. “It was actually quite a shock to discover that it hasn’t already happened,” Ms Talevski said.

"It's well overdue."

 "Not only was he one of the greatest footballers to grace this town but he was very much part of the social fabric of this community. He was a local policeman and a small business owner/operator right here in Church Street Richmond. Every-where you go, someone has a story to tell about Jack.

Jack was presented a medal by the city of Richmond's Cr Farnsworth for "splendid services rendered" in 1934.

Jack was more than a VFL footballer in his community. He represented hope for the people of Richmond in the 1930s and beyond.

Not just those watching the great man fight for the yellow and black jumper but those that came from nothing, from the depths of poverty as he did. Those that came here to make a life for themselves. Jack Dyer is more than a football legend, he is Richmond 3121, he is the bloodline that still pulses through our veins, he is still the hope that anything is achievable, he is Tigerland and we hope the City of Yarra will honour his memory and service by naming a street after him. He deserves nothing less.

Jack was officially recognised for his contribution to Australian Rules football by being awarded an Order of Australia in 1990.

To stay in touch with the campaign please visit us at the Jack “Captain Blood” Dyer Tribute page on Facebook via

For interviews please contact Suzana Talevski on 0458 831 867.




City of Yarra, CEO
Name a street in honour of Jack Dyer

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    1. A petition you signed was victorious!

      Suzana Talevski
      Petition Organizer

      Dear Supporter,

      In case you may not have been aware, your signature on this petition to get the City of Yarra to endorse naming a street in Richmond after Jack Dyer has contributed to SUCCESS!!!

      The Council endorsed our submission on June 3.

      It was signatures such as yours, about 1300 in fact that led to this victory...THANK YOU!!!

      This is a very crucial step in our campaign. Next we wait on the outcome from consultations with the indigenous community and then we must seek approval from Place Names Victoria.

      Visit our Facebook page to keep in touch at


      Jack Dyer Tribute Campaign

    2. Reached 1,000 signatures
    3. Decision set for June 3

      Suzana Talevski
      Petition Organizer

      The Yarra City Council will decide on whether to name a street in honour of Jack Dyer on Tuesday June 3 at 7pm at the Richmond Town Hall. Please come along if you can in your yellow and black or share this petition on on your wall and twitter. 10 days to go with 325 signatures needed for 1000 nods of approval. Let's get this done for Jack!!!!!

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      Suzana Talevski
      Petition Organizer

      Get all the latest updates via the Facebook campaign page here:

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    Reasons for signing

      • 4 months ago

      The ultimate great homage for a Tiger great.

    • Michael Inserra AUSTRALIA
      • 4 months ago

      My father and grandparents, lived in Richmond after migrating to Australia from Sicily after the war. Hence why our family team is Richmond. Dad still talks of the days as a school boy going to Jack Dyer's milk bar. Then there was the whole connection to St Ignatius, being the local school and church for my family. But also for the Richmond community. Where a lot of Richmond players had a connection also. It would be great to pay homage to a community figure such as Jack. Who was an icon for the people of Tigerland and then the wider community as a commentator and sports writer. Especially in the 30s and the war years. Which some historians talk of him as one of the depression era heroes, up there with Phar Lap. A shining light of toughness, resilience and determination for the people of Tigerland. I will never forget making the walk up the hill with my father to St Iggies to attend Jack's funeral. People from all walks and all corners of Australia crammed in to pay respect. We should never discount the recent history and spirit that characters such as Jack have added to the original story of this ancient land.

    • Lorne Campbell MILAWA, AUSTRALIA
      • 4 months ago

      When we can name a stadium "Etihad", how about a red-blooded Aussie folk hero?

    • thomas simunsen AUSTRALIA
      • 4 months ago

      I grew up in the area

    • Alan Smith AUSTRALIA
      • 5 months ago

      Because of Jack's Legend status.


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