Add experts to the panel, allow for citizen input and transparency.

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Add experts to the panel, allow for citizen input and transparency.

    1. Christa Wilkinson
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      Christa Wilkinson

      Hinesville, GA

The city of Savannah has determined the need to strengthen their dangerous dog ordinance within the city/county limits; and consequently is discussing a proposed ban on pit bulls and pit bull type dogs. The city council has already appointed a panel consisting of at least nine people to take on this “task.” Only one member thus far has any experience with canines. Two of the panel members (that we are aware of) are staunch proponents of breed specific legislation (BSL) against pit bulls, and pit bull type dogs. Many requests have been made from animal advocates to speak in front of the city council to help assist on this issue and have been ignored, as have requests for the minutes from the workshop when the panel was instituted, have been denied. Many advocates have impressed upon the council, mayor, and other city officials the need for at least two professionals in the field of canine behavior to be appointed to the panel to ensure a non-biased outcome in this matter. Their pleas have also been ignored. Certain council members are denying that a panel has even been created, while other members have indirectly confirmed it. There are whisperings that this panel has been meeting behind closed doors without public knowledge, a direct violation of “The Sunshine Law”. Transparency in these proceedings is essential to guarantee citizen’s rights are not trampled upon by a few. This petition has been started to let the Savannah/Chatham County officials know that their residents will not stand by idly and allow their beloved family members to be victimized by unwarranted discrimination by the city of Savannah’s “invisible” panel.
There are plenty of options available to ensuring responsible ownership of ALL dog breeds; breed specific legislation is not one of them. Enforcement of laws already on the book would be a sound place to start. Responsible ownership should be celebrated and not subjugated by ignorance and bias.

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      • 8 months ago

      It's not the dog you need to ban. It's the crappy owners!

    • Kelly Jackson STATESBORO, GA
      • 9 months ago

      I have a bully breed dog and she is wonderful. However, my lab mix has bitten someone. Where is the logic for banning bully breeds?

    • Dustin Maclin TYBEE ISLAND, GA
      • 9 months ago

      I am a pit bull owner and I love animals in general. My parents own one, and my sister and brother in law own one as well. To ban a specific breed demonstrates the lack of intellectual thinking that goes on today. It's like throwing darts on a wall that's labeled with different options and whichever the dart hits, that's the direction some people decide to go in instead of sitting down and invoking just a little amount of brainstorming. I always get compliments on what a gentle dog my 'Dozer' is. I think it is time to look at the people who own the dogs as the first step to protecting the community at large. The slogan "Punish the Deed, NOT the Breed" has always rung true in my opinion. It is simply the environment in which these dogs are raised and it's simple to understand. 'Survival of the fittest'. Same thing for dogs and humans alike. If you are born into violence, you will likely grow up as a violent person. However, if you are born into loving arms, loyalty above all abounds. Some people should just not be allowed to own dogs. There should be a register with each county, municipality, etc. that has a list of people that area banned from owning dogs due to their past histories involving dog ownership. If you are going to neglect dogs or even fight them, you should not be allowed to own them. This should apply to the rest of the friends and/or relatives residing at the residence with that person who is banned form dog ownership. There, I just came up with that idea in ten minutes. There are other options that should be explored and decided first. This legislation should be swept from the slate and revered as the kind of base thinking that should not be endorsed or condoned. Thank you for your time.

    • John Van Vorst EVANSVILLE, IN
      • 9 months ago

      It's about how a dog is raised and trained, not the specific breed that determines the potential for violence of a specific dog

    • Joni Palmer HAUBSTADT, IN
      • 9 months ago

      You people obviously do not know dogs. It is not the dog it is the training!!!! Get Real.


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