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Redesignate Jackson St. as a Residential Greenway
  • Petitioned City of Pensacola and Escambia County, Florida

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City of Pensacola and Escambia County, Florida

Redesignate Jackson St. as a Residential Greenway

    1. Mike Kilmer
    2. Petition by

      Mike Kilmer

      Pensacola, FL

Jackson Greenway will be a lush bicycle and pedestrian thoroughfare lined with trees and shrubs, with space for small portable vendors. The proposed re-designation of segments of Jackson Street will be accessible to cars, trucks and buses for local use, but specifically oriented to allow for safe and comfortable use by bicyclists and runners, walkers, and people using wheelchairs and other moderately-paced means of transport.

In a time which is marked by economic strain, this is a project which can achieved very inexpensively, with the installation of traffic delineator columns and signs on cross intersections, discouraging through-traffic, while allowing local access. In the long-run the vision is to cultivate as many trees and gardens along the Greenway, potentially creating space for small portable vendors, but initially it's just a change of use.

The proposed sections are from 17th Avenue to Palafox St, from Palafox St to Pace Blvd and from Pace Blvd to W Street. Those who support this proposal feel that the project will:

- Develop the bicycle and pedestrian community and generate interest in these healthful practices.

- Create space where families and friends can walk or bike in groups

- Create a safe route for disabled travelers.

- Show Pensacola as a Leader in Energy and Environmental Design as well as Community Building, demonstrating that in these economically troubled times, our creative resources can change the face of a City without spending an inordinate amount of financial capital.

- Revitalize the West Side and reduce slum and blight.

- Reduce the number of automobile related violent crimes.


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    • pope george PENSACOLA, FL
      • almost 2 years ago

      I dont think the city needs to connect jackson in certain areas where unsavory types hover about...if you know what I mean...omg if you dont know what I mean try walking @ night 3 blks west of palafox (Bring a gun or mase or a big stick...))) really you need to reroute your greenway....)))

    • Andrew Baldwin PENSACOLA, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      Portions of Jackson street are quite terrible neighborhoods, hopefully this will help improve that part of town.

    • jennifer montgomery PENSACOLA, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      i live in the neighborhood and walk everywhere. it would benefit me.

    • Gill Chamblin FL, AL
      • about 2 years ago

      Our family owned houses and uncles, cousins, grandparents lived on Jackson Street for many years. Urban renewal of this once active community which has fallen into disrepair with bike paths, pedestrian pathways, and other improvements will recreate the neighborhood that once existed for the people who now call Jackson Street home.

    • Beth and Hugh Kilmer MONTCLAIR, NJ
      • about 2 years ago

      As social activists over many years, we see the potential for beauty and community-building.


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