Ban the sale of furs and save millions of animals
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Ban the sale of furs and save millions of animals

    1. alice cascapera
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      alice cascapera

      New York, NY

Every day millions of animals are killed for their pelts; they are either skinned alive, electrocuted, killed in gas chambers or beaten to death. But when the skin is being taken of their bodies they are still alive most of the times, and even afterwards. I am asking everyone to help stop this inhumane practice by banning the sale of furs in NYC stores.

Why do those animals need to suffer and die only for the sake of fashion and vanity? There are so many different synthetic fibers nowadays available that could substitute furs.

A lot of times those furs are imported from China, and they used to belong to dogs and cats like the ones you have in your homes; more expensive furs come from animals kept in tiny cages for their whole life, and left to themselves untreated and in miserable conditions, until they are finally killed for their skin. Please go take a look at some videos on the PETA website, you will fully understand the urge of this matter.

Let's give a huge signal from what is probably the most important center of the fashion industry, New York City. The City of West Hollywood already started this. Let's not waste the opportunity of becoming better people.

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    • Carolina Carvajal MIDDLE VILLAGE, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      Animals are the most innocent of beings and don't understand the complicated and unjust world we live in. They live life without shame with such innocence. I am tired of the prejudice that exists inchoosing what form or kind of life deserves to live. We should be judged based on how we treat those around us and those without a voice, which in this case are animals. I hope that one day we could truly get rid fur being used for the sake of vanity and fashion, and make some progress to then rid leather as people forget that it too includes the killing of an animal. Lets starts seeing that every living thing deserves a to live, deserves to breathe every waking moment of their birth until their dying day, because nature intended it that way. Not because we want it for our own personal gains and needs

    • Евгения Седлецкая Красноармейск, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
      • almost 2 years ago

      my heart is illing!!!!!!!! Stop it please!!!!

      • about 2 years ago

      No being should ever do this to another. It's sick how blind we become when it involves money.

    • marie celeste charnley ACCRINGTON LANCS, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 2 years ago

      disgusting..evil..breaks my heart..ban the sale of fur

      • about 2 years ago

      OMG, how can a human being do this to make money. how can a human being buy anything made of fur, the fur belongs to the animal kingdom, it is just so evil and so heartbreaking. We must protect all our animals, they cannot protect themselves against the disgusting humans who are doing this.


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