Install 4-way stop sign and/or other traffic calming on Juniper Street
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Install 4-way stop sign and/or other traffic calming on Juniper Street

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      Old Escondido Historic District

October 2012


From Petition Creator Carol Rea: "On Thursday, October 11, the City of Escondido Transportation and Safety commission voted unanimously to install a 4-way stop at the corner of Juniper and 9th, thanks to the impassioned presentation by our neighbors and nearly 1,000 signatures on our petition. We are confident that the City Council, who must next approve the improvement will also vote in our favor. Traffic engineers have designed additional calming methods for Juniper Street and we look forward to working with them to make Juniper the safe and attractive street it should be in our historic neighborhood."

At the June 13, 2012 City Council meeting, city traffic engineers proposed adding 23 new stop signs and one yield sign to the Old Escondido Historic District but not one of the two dozen signs addresses Old Escondido’s most dangerous street. Juniper currently allows heavy and fast-moving commuter traffic to blast through the heart of the Old Escondido Neighborhood, resulting in all-too frequent collisions that cause devastating injuries and damage to vehicles and historic properties. The amount of traffic, unimpeded, is likely to increase with time, resulting in even more serious consequences. To not address the growing dangers of Juniper Street is not consistent with Article 65 Section 33-1370(c) of the Municipal Code, which states that the purpose and intent of the historic district is “To emphasize orientation towards pedestrian activities in the area.”

At the June 13 meeting, the City Council voted unanimously to install the staff-recommended stop signs but stipulated that the City traffic engineers revisit Juniper Street. Traffic engineers are now suggesting the possible installation of a traffic signal at 9th and Juniper but the timing is likely to be set to allow the greatest flow of north-south traffic and would most probably encourage drivers to speed up for yellow lights, potentially making the traffic problems even worse.

We, whose signatures follow, out of concern for vehicle occupants, pedestrians, bicyclists, and families living in homes on Juniper St., hereby petition the City of Escondido to improve quality of life and provide a safer environment by installing four-way stop signs on Juniper at 9th Avenue at the very least and/or to utilize other legitimate traffic calming methods such as round-abouts along Juniper St. in Old Escondido without delay.

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    1. Transportation Commission Approves 4-way Stop!

      We thank all who signed our petition - 283 on line and more than 650 on paper. On October 11 the City of Escondido Transportation and Safety Commission voted unanimously to install a 4-way stop at the corner of Juniper and 9th in our very special Historic District. Their vote followed impassioned pleas by neighbors and the announcement that we had collected more than 900 signatures on our petition. We are confident that the City Council will make the final approval and the signs will be installed in the near future. The traffic engineers are drafting additional plans to calm traffic on Juniper and we look forward to seeing those accomplished, as well; our neighborhood is on its way to being being pedestrian and traffic friendly with a better quality of life for our families. Again, thank you for stepping up in our behalf.

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    • Christine Cummings ESCONDIDO, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      Anyone driving @ East 9th Avenue and Juniper risk their lives getting through this dangerous intersection. Cars on Juniper are speeding over the speed limit and cars going east or west on East 9th Avenue can't see clearly enough to get through the intersection without pulling dangerously out into the intersection because 9th is physically off-set. A 4-way stop sign is needed in the very least to stop loss of life & damage to vehicles. A Stop sign is needed on the hill @ Juniper and 8th to slow the speeders and to keep cars from rear-ending those stopped @ 9th & Juniper assuming a 4-way Stop sign or signal were installed, sooner, not later!

    • Brian Frick ROCKFORD, MI
      • about 2 years ago

      I live near by. Slower traffic = safer neighborhood

    • Susan Dusharme ESCONDIDO, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      To protect the residents of the neighborhood and to create a safer drive for those on Juniper.

    • Matthew Bielma ESCONDIDO, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      I moved into the area a month ago and there have been 2 accidents on 9th & Juniper in 2 days. My son and I walk through Old Escondido constantly and I am concerned for his safety due to the speeding going on down Juniper.

    • Ruth Garcia ESCONDIDO, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      Stop sign and not street light. There is a difference and will keep more pedestrians and motorists safe. This is the Old Escondido Neighborhood. Let's keep it special!


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