Protest Edmonton Bylaw 5590
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Protest Edmonton Bylaw 5590

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      Winnipeg, Canada

Edmonton Bylaw 5590 is a bylaw established by the City of Edmonton, which holds any venue accountable for vandalism (postering) of city property. This bylaw is here to protect the city and detour vandalism but in turn the venue is fined regardless of whether or not they are the responsible party for placing the poster illegally. Venues in Edmonton will be fined $250 for every poster that is placed on city property that lists that specific venue's name as the host of an event (bus stops/shelters, decorative lamp posts, etc.). 

There is a double standard here - if vandalism (example, graffiti) occurs on private property it is up to the owner of the building to remedy the vandalism, regardless of whether or not the responsible party is caught and charged. If this is not done, the city will fine the building owner. 

If vandalism occurs on city property - it is the responsibility of the city to remedy the vandalism - SAVE for the case of being vandalized with a poster. The bylaw states that this is no longer the cities responsibility and a fine is passed down to the venue regardless to whether or not the venue or it's staff were responsible for the placement of the poster.

If You Feel This Circumstance Is As Ludicrous As We Do
Sign This Petition And/Or Contact:

Mayor Stephen Mandel's Office: +1 (780) 496-8100
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    • Keshia Bundred ST. ALBERT, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      I absolutely cannot see the logic behind this bylaw. It would be like fining a gun company every time one of their weapons is used in a commission of a crime. City of Edmonton "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING", really it's just another showing of how The City of Edmonton ("the city of festivals") really doesn't give a shit about the arts. So I prepose that on every new show poster let's add The City of Edmonton logo to the bottom by our fair city's LOGIC (or-lack-there-of) they should have to fine themselves $250.

    • Britney Smith WINNIPEG, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      Music is an incredibly important aspect in our daily lives!

    • shelley pfeiffer DRAYTON VALLEY AB, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      the kids there are good kids you can't be making tha ave pay fines that is beyond there control both my children hung out there over the years and it was the place to be safe and have fun .. if they get fined for reasons beyond there control how can they keep running and where do the kids go ...

    • Drew McIntosh EDMONTON, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      The City of Edmonton supports the Chamber of Commerce and Strathcona business association in their graffiti marketing campaigns, and punishes independent arts venues for making Edmonton a more culturally coherant place. This is rediculous. Go downtown and fine the DTBA for each and every spray painted i <3 YEGDT. The OSBA proportedly spent $250,000 getting some design firm to come up with a campaign which amounts to boring and crappy spray paint. What gives?

      • over 2 years ago

      I think that this is ridiculous! Obviously this occurred because of that Kony 2012 bullshit.


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