Repeal the "Flow Control" ordinance
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Mayor Mike Rawlings
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Repeal the "Flow Control" ordinance

    1. Zoe Petropoulos
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      Zoe Petropoulos

      Sewanee, TN

The "Flow Control" ordinance requires all waste produced in the city of Dallas to be dumped at the McCommas Bluff Landfill, which is less than two miles from Paul Quinn College. This is an area of the city that is referred to as a "food desert" because it has no registered grocery stores. The leaders of this neighborhood were innovative enough to start an organic farm at an old football field that now provides fresh and healthy options to the many impoverished families. However, this new "Flow Control" ordinance will have devastating effects on the future and viability of this farm. No formal impact study was conducted and the City Council chose not to listen to the protestors who spoke out against this injustice. Urge Dallas to repeal this horrible plan and give these people back their means of a providing a healthy lifestyle for their children.

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