Add crosswalks to major roads and by schools throughout the city.
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City of Clarksville, TN

Add crosswalks to major roads and by schools throughout the city.

    1. Sean Burns
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      Sean Burns

      Clarksville, TN

Just this week alone, two people have been killed trying to cross Ft. Campbell blvd. The lack of crosswalks and signs to safely cross the road have been a major leading cause of this. We need these crosswalks to avoid unnecessary deaths. Also most of the schools are off of major roads, but lack the crosswalks for students to safely leave school property. All its gonna take is one student or driver to make a mistake and somebody is gonna be killed. While if they had these crosswalks with the walk and don't walk signs at the lights the safety of everyone would dramatically increase. As a citizen of Clarksville, I, would willingly set up fundraisers for this if money is the issue. All I need is permission.

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    • Chris Jensen GRAVEL RIDGE, AR
      • about 2 years ago

      This is just the right thing to do.

    • Morgan Worley CLARKSVILLE, TN
      • about 2 years ago

      Safety should be important to everyone and if I can help make a difference in some small way, such as signing this petition, I will do it. This is super important to the safety of pedestrians.


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