Immediate termination of Animal Control Officer Chuck Stubbs
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City of Berryville, AR / Berryville Animal Control

Immediate termination of Animal Control Officer Chuck Stubbs

    1. David Shupe
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      David Shupe

      Berryville, AR

Imagine if your family pet was killed, now imagine that such was done by a local animal control officer. It's happening to us in our own towns. On March 11 2013 in the early morning, two German Shepherds, Egon and Fritz, escaped from their yard.

When Deb and Darrin Hatfield noticed they immediately notified law enforcement and began searching for them...not knowing or even expecting the dangers their beloved pets faced.

It was Later that day that Animal Control Officer Chuck Stubbs notified the Hatfields that two dogs matching their pets' descriptions had attacked and killed a cat and as any responsible pet owner would do the Hatfields contacted the cat's owners and paid their veterinarian bills before continuing the search.

Scouring the city all week long... Each day asking Animal Control Officer Chuck Stubbs whether he had any news of the dogs' whereabouts, the family was lied to... each time, the officer told them he knew nothing.

On that Saturday it all came to light, Animal Control Officer Chuck Stubbs had shot, killed and already buried the dogs in a shallow grave earlier in the week. No attempt was ever made to contact the Hatfields after the dogs were shot.

The reality is, they are likely not the only family who has lost a pet family member at the hands of untrained, poorly trained and as this time shows uncaring deceitful officers.

It has to stop.

We the people of Berryville and it's entire surrounding area demand change and the immediate termination of Animal Control Officer Chuck Stubbs.

We seek required mandatory on-site animal behavior/encounter training and continuing education training for all local Animal Control Officers.

For this family and all the other pets who have been killed, please join us in demanding change.

City of Berryville, AR / Berryville Animal Control
Immediate termination of Animal Control Officer Chuck Stubbs

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    • isobel ewing LARNE, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 10 months ago

      so wrong

      • 10 months ago


    • Sara Williams CHERRY VALLEY, CA
      • 10 months ago

      This man is a disgrace to animal control officers. An animal control officer should not be killing animals as a way of "controlling" them. Get rid of this idiot and get someone capable of carrying out the duties of an animal control officer.

    • Debra Johnson POWAY, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      I'd like to know what's up with Berryville that this behavior is acceptable of a city or county employee. Why on earth does there even need to be a petition. The control worker knew he was in the wrong; evident when he hid the shootings and then the carcasses. Is Berryville a victim of nepotism?

    • kimmie williams BERRYVILLE, AR
      • over 1 year ago

      I do not care for his high mighty attitude chuck stubs never had to actually do any hard labor for any jobs ever had he's lazy s.o.b I don't believe

      we should have to pay for some fat ass dog to be riding around in front seat of the doggie popo truck. he tried to bait up my dog from my neighbors yard when mosley my dog had a leash on setting next to me on my porch also hes so lazy he would put notes in my mailbox which is a fedral offence. he should have lost his job because of his imbred ass thinking there are people in this county that needs a job to take care of their family. one of which he does not have. hummmm i wonder why?


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