Revoke 40-day eviction notice on Kern County Animal Control Shelter
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Revoke 40-day eviction notice on Kern County Animal Control Shelter

    1. Graham Andrews
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      Graham Andrews

      Bakersfield, CA

Without warning or consultation with its citizens, the City of Bakersfield, California, has ordered the Kern County Animal Control Shelter {] to relocate from City property by October 1st [].

That might not seem very important; but it translates into the sudden, unplanned-for relocation of 700+ animals, staff, equipment, and supplies in 40 days. Remember that these animals are the most-needy and helpless in Kern County AND the City of Bakersfield - they are being used as pawns in a power-struggle between the City and the County that is not their fault, nor the fault of the staff that care for them on a daily basis in already difficult and financially fraught circumstances. In a city and county already overrun with strays, abandoned, and all too often abused animals, the City of Bakersfield is throwing common sense and decency out the window. Bakersfield and Kern County's human citizens have not been consulted nor assented to this move by the City, and the City Council and City Manager [] should be reminded of that fact.

Please join me, as an animal lover and concerned citizen of Bakersfield, Kern County, California in encouraging the City of Bakersfield to negotiate with Kern County and Kern Animal Control to find a reasonable and permanent solution to the Shelter's status and location, and not to condemn hundreds of animals to at best stressful and uncertain relocation and at worst euthanasia.

Alan Tandy, City Manager
Rhonda Smiley, Public Information Officer
Harvey Hall, Mayor of Bakersfield
City of Bakersfield Council Members, City of Bakersfield Council
Revoke the 40-day eviction notice on Kern County Animal Control Shelter and work with the County of Kern to provide a planned and permanent solution for the Shelter and its residents and staff.

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    • Beverley Poncelet - Christink WHITEWOOD, CANADA
      • 9 months ago

      1st. of all I feel this is a stupid question and you can't fix stupid! 2nd. the tax-payers and residents not been given any formal correspondence or notice of some kind is a disgrace! 3rd. Do people not have a right to freedom of speech? Your residents are the voice for the voiceless! YES! The animals. You must be courteous enough to call a well advertized meeting! Unless you are keeping it all hush hush because your pretty sure you don't stand a chance with your new idea and plans! Play fair. Remember you are working for the people! Bev.

    • Beverly Coffmon LEWIS CENTER, OH
      • about 1 year ago

      any updates on this signed petition? <3

    • Beverly Coffmon LEWIS CENTER, OH
      • about 1 year ago

      any updates on this petition that we signed? Were you able to REVOKE the eviction (I hope and pray!) ? Please update us all...<3

    • Marianne lopez BELLFLOWER, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      I hope they realize that to do something that heinous would be against what their constituents WANT and would actually COST MORE than just helping relocate those sweeties to other locations or to adoption events around California. Shame on them... just shame on them. :-(

    • Jill Dyche TARZANA, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      My rescue dog Amy came from Bakersfield shelter. There are too many homeless dogs up there to close this down.


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