Stop the destruction of 3 pit bulls wrongly ordered to death
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Stop the destruction of 3 pit bulls wrongly ordered to death

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UPDATE: It seems there are details missing from this story, and as the creator of this petition, I can no longer support it.  And, given that these dogs have already been destroyed, I've decided to close this page down.  

It was confirmed that someone in the courtroom at the time who heard both testimonies, has stated that the story the ACC is sharing is accurate.  You all should know that The Lexus Project is posting on the Save Leo, Dawn and Gorgo FB page.  Chris Grant has been MIA since this case went viral which leads me to believe his story isn't truthful.  Even when The Lexus Project was trying to contact him to offer "pro bono" help, he wouldn't respond to their calls or emails until it was posted in his private group that the dogs had been killed at which point he sent payment to The Lexus Project.  Seems to me he already knew this and thought this would help to make it look like he was trying to save his dogs by sending payment (full knowing his dogs were dead already).  I don't know about you, but if my dogs were wrongly sentenced to death, I'd be talking to as many lawyers as I could find; not refusing to call them.  Now, The Lexus Project has decided to pursue a civil suit, using your hard-earned money to do it.  Seems like a ploy to me.

But you have to feel bad for the guy...creating some bogus story to share with his friends, not expecting it to go viral and now he can't even grieve in peace

 Sorry that you, like I, were all misled.  

Either way, RIP Texas 3. 



UPDATE: These dogs were murdered on Friday Sept 28th shortly following the judges decision to uphold the order to kill them; leaving no time for the owner to appeal this decision.  Please don't give up the fight.  Let Austin, TX know we will not stand for this injustice.  


The hearing was today and judge decided to side with Animal Control and keep the order of destruction.

Here's the story from Chris (the owner):

I was training my dogs Leo, Dawn, and Gorgo in a parking lot near Jester Blvd. My dogs (all leashed, harnessed, and tied to a secured, backup rope coming from the frame of my SUV) were attacked by an off-leash dog that was running loose in the parking lot.

The owner of the dog couldn't keep his dog under control, so it kept attacking us. Instead of pulling his dog out of our reach, he repeatedly punched and kicked my dogs, in attempt to stop them from fighting back.

After I waved someone down & told them to call 911, I handed him the leash to Leo, and separated Gorgo and the off-leash dog. The owner untied Dawn's leash while I was separating Gorgo and the dog, and tied Dawn to a tree. When I looked up, he was kicking and punching her while she was tied up. His dog attacked me once I pulled Gorgo away.

Finally, he got his dog under control and mine were secured in my SUV.

The ambulance and police finally showed up, walking right past me bleeding, lying on the ground & having an asthma attack, to treat the person who claimed he had been attacked by a pitbull.

An Animal Control officer came out to the scene. He said he was taking my animals because they were off leash during the time of dog fight. I corrected him, and he said he was going to take them anyway.

Meanwhile, the dog that bit me went straight home and wasn't issued the state-required quarantine until 7 days after the incident. In fact, it wouldnt have been issued at all if I hadn't requested it. My bite report was "lost."

A sworn statement is on file from a witness that the owner of the off-leash dog wasn't bitten at all.

I didn't witness anyone being bitten by my dogs.

An Order for Destruction was requested by the investigating Animal Control officer without seeking any account of the incident, other than the owner of the off-leash animal.



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    • Astrid & Les Murrison MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA
      • about 2 years ago

      THE CITY OF AUSTIN-TX!!! USA!!!! Has ALLREDY MURDEDE THOSE 3 DOGS 2 of THEM IS SERVISE DOG… They are Just as just as Bad as BELFAST CITY COUNCIL!! NORTH IRELAND UK.. They are all Croup SHAME ON THEM on the City and their Country and the People.. BY COTT THE CITY OF AUSTIN-TX!!! USA!!!! KARMA WILL GIVE THEM HELL.

    • Amanda McDonald BRISTOL, CT
      • about 2 years ago I have emailed the tx council about how I feel on this matter. They put down three good dogs with a responsible owner and let a violent dog with a irresponsible owner back on the street where it will attack another dog and bite someone else. They are responsible for that. this is breed discrimination and a lack of effort from the justice system to see what is true

    • Patsy Trantham CANDLER, NC
      • about 2 years ago

      Death due to breed is as cruel as death due to race.

    • Debra Minch MOLINE, IL
      • about 2 years ago

      You killed these dogs for no reason other than they were Pits? Maybe the public should make laws that old Judges should be retired or that over-weight police should be fired ...see how stupid it is to judge things without any knowledge??? You are despicable humans and I'm glad you have no jurisdiction over my area.

    • kim danielson PLANO, TX
      • about 2 years ago

      I have pit bulls and do not want to be at the hands of stupid people like this guy if i choose to walk my dogs.


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