Stop the unnecessary over  breeding of dogs and cats
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Stop the unnecessary over breeding of dogs and cats

    1. Lauren Randall
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      Lauren Randall

      Kennesaw, GA

Around 4 MILLION cats and dogs are killed every year in American shelters alone. There is no reason we should allow breeding when there are so many animals that need good home. I am petitioning that cities and states across America pledge to stop over breeding. Since this will be fought by those who breed cats and dogs for a living, we should enact a law for only so many breeders per state (determined by that state) to continue breeding under strict guidelines including but not limited to a very large fine per year, which will go to the shelters, and a restriction of how many cats and dogs they breed. The breeders will be responsible for insuring they go to good home, or will be fined.

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      • almost 2 years ago

      I have had dogs/cats all my life and they are like family. We don't terminate our children when times get ruff or we move somewhere that doesn't take children. Death is a part of life but only under natural circumstances people!

    • Beverly Nesmith WIMBERLEY, TX
      • almost 2 years ago

      There are too many animals out there who don't have a home, quite making more until they all have a home

    • jen Soderqust FORT ST JOHN, CANADA
      • almost 2 years ago

      You guys can also help by joining many facebook pages that shares cats and dogs with their info on them..many many adopt/shelter facebook pages cross share all the time.

      "Dogs are for life,Not for christmas" " melanie's rescue page" " Rescues Unite" "all or nothing pitbull rescue" "Marley's Mutts dog rescue" Adopt.don'tbuy S. Cali" " etc many many others. Most of them support other rescue pages to find homes for dogs and cats through facebook, it does save lives but not all, we just find people who are able to help through facebook, there are transporters etc...go and join that group, even though you can't have animals, but you sharing can save lives.

    • Wayne Poulin SAN ANTONIO, TX
      • almost 2 years ago

      Thank you for starting this petition although I don't think it's radical enough. I propose: breeders should be required to volunteer for several hours at Animal Control or another "kill" shelter and must also watch the euthanasia's. Breeders should have to pay a substantial fee for a breeder's license since they are directly responsible for adding to the overpopulation problem adding to the taxpayer's burden. They should have homes for all of the puppies before breeding even begins (based on the average litter size for that breed). Even more radical, I would like to see a complete ban on breeding for "x" number of years until all of the homeless animals are adopted out. Responsible breeders (although I don't think any breeders are responsible) could elect to have embryos frozen for breed survival at their own cost.

    • Sandra Boyer MONTGOMERY, AL
      • almost 2 years ago

      Destroying these innocent creatures is just so wrong!


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