Citizenship and Immigration Canada: Stop denying my 92 year old mother health care.
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Citizenship and Immigration Canada "CIC"

Citizenship and Immigration Canada: Stop denying my 92 year old mother health care.

    1. Leila Heidari
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      Leila Heidari

      Newmarket, Canada

My mother arrived in Canada 20 years ago and applied to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, but since then she has been forgotten and ignored. They told her she would receive an answer by 2001. Then in 2001 CIC ordered my mother to leave but a judge overturned this after finding problems with how CIC handled the case. CIC agreed to re-evaluate, but today, 12 years later, we are still waiting, calling for answers... Because of this, because they have forgotten about her file, my mother is now being denied the health care she urgently needs.

When I call Citizenship and Immigration Canada and enter my mother's application number this is the recording that is played to me. "Welcome to Citizenship and Immigration Canada... Your application was received on February 1, 1994. We are currently assessing your application. We anticipate we will be able to provide you a response by October 17, 2001. To return to the main menu press one."

My mother is 92 years old. Her name is Khadijeh but everyone who loves her knows her as "Essie." She has cared for others her entire life, helping me bring up my daughter who has autism and is low-functioning. I can't bear to see her being treated like she is invisible.

After a bad head injury my mother developed severe dementia, but I can't take her to the hospital or to a home for people with her condition because she has no status in this country.

For years I have called and called Citizenship and Immigration Canada and my local representatives. I have been ignored and treated like a nuisance. If this is happening to us I can't imagine how many others have been forgotten, ignored and left without help despite begging for answers. 

You can listen to the recording yourself here on my Facebook page. (

Please sign my petition and help me bring justice for my mom.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada "CIC"
This 92-year-old woman submitted her application to you in 1994 and her file has been stalled for far too long with no result or any means of communication on your part. Provide the health coverage that she has so long been waiting for, now when she and her family need it most.

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    • Jawad Urrehman THUNDERBAY, CANADA
      • 6 months ago

      It is her right to live with dignity and die peacefully.

      • 6 months ago

      Health Care pls

    • Christopher Polifrone PARK RIDGE, NJ
      • 6 months ago

      It's wrong to make a little old lady suffer like that. We don't have that kind of health care here but everyone deserves it.

    • Anne Crawford IQALUIT, CANADA
      • 6 months ago

      What can we have at this point in her life but compassion for this woman and her family. Let those who has discretion exercise it now for Essie.

    • Gayle Kosola TORONTO, CANADA
      • 6 months ago

      Be a Canadian about it!


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