Stop the destruction of East Kutai National Park and its 4,825 orangutans.
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Stop the destruction of East Kutai National Park and its 4,825 orangutans.

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      Pete Howson

      London, United Kingdom

Last chance to save Kutai National Park from Churchill Mining's greasy mits!

There's a national park in East Kalimantan called Kutai. It's home to most of the remaining moreo orangutans in Indonesia (approx 4,825), 10 other primates, as well as other critically endangered mammals and birds.

Underneath Kutai is about 38 mega tonnes of coal, which a British conglomerate called Churchill Mining (1) claim to have the rights to. The only thing is, they acquired their license from ex-president Suharto's son-in-law, General Subianto. Subianto's famed for ordering the 1991 Santa Cruz massacre where over 250 East Timorese civilians and foreign jounalists were machine gunned to death. Anyway, the massacre caused international condemnation and partly led to the fall of Suharto's 'New Order' regime.

With Suharto out, the new elected government created a decentralised Indonesia where resources were managed locally instead of by a few Generals and political leaders in Jakarta. Subianto's/Churchill's license therefore became invalid and was dissolved in 2011 by the Provincial Government of East Kalimantan.

This month, after losing their case at a tribunal in Jakarta, Churchill and their economic heavy weight investors (Goldman Sachs, Blackrock, Barclays Bank) are taking the claim to the World Bank's arbitration court in Washington.

Churchill Mining have enough money in the bank to litigate for years. They don't care that mining in a protected park is illegal. There are loads of these dubious licenses and a victory for Churchill will open the flood gates to massive forest clearances across Indonesia and other countries with economically weak governments that can't afford the years of litigation that these multinational mining consortia can.

Churchill think they can use the media to promote their claim that Indonesia is 'not playing fair' (2), but with enough opposition, they might back down or the Indonesian judges will deliver an unfavourable verdict for them.

This petition will be delivered to the investment banks above, their legal representatives at Herbert Smith LLP., as well as the Indonesian High Court in Jakarta.

I hope you can help.


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    1. Churchill Mining take their case to Washington

      Pete Howson
      Petition Organizer

      Against all the odds and thanks to your support, Churchill Mining have lost their appeal against East Kalimantan's provincial government at Indonesia's supreme court in Jakarta.

      But the British consortium still hopes to destroy this already scared ecological wonder and is now taking their case to the World Bank's ICSID arbitration service.

      Please show your support by sending this link to all your friends and family. There's only a few weeks to go to save Indonesia's richest forests!

      Thanks for your help,

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    • dede nurhidayat BONTANG, INDONESIA
      • about 2 years ago

      we need great a leader to make decision to save the kutai national kutai national park , save the earth..

    • bambang erbata kalingga TANGERANG SELATAN, INDONESIA
      • about 2 years ago

      i love forest

      i hate killer

      i hate who cut the tree

      and i 'm nuswantara

    • Nikolaust Aprydza BONTANG, INDONESIA
      • about 2 years ago

      Kutai National Park must be saved from encroachment, illegal logging, illegal mining, destruction, construction of houses by local people, and hunting of rare plants and animals .. we must come together to save the Kutai National Park from NOW!!!

    • Catherine Jones WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND
      • about 2 years ago

      Because Monkey's are cool-beans

    • Alexandra Andrea LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 2 years ago

      To protect the orangutans home


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