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Chino Hills City Council: Do not sign another long term contract with the Humane Society

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      Priceless Pet Rescue

Inland Valley Humane Society, our current animal shelter provider, kills hundreds of orphaned, adoptable Chino Hills pets each year. In fact, IVHS killed approximately 74% of the dogs and 86% of the cats that originated in our city in 2012. Our five year contract with IVHS is set to expire very soon. The contract will automatically renew annually allowing time to develop a “No-Kill” strategy. Significant community support exists to study this issue. However, our city manager has communicated his intention to renew for five years, citing “budgetary certainty” as justification for commitment to a long term contract that will surely kill one orphaned pet per day for the next five years. Numerous cities contract with IVHS on an annual basis without negative financial impact. “Budgetary certainty” does not justify indifference to our community’s moral compass.

In an effort to help bring a city-wide "No-Kill alternative" to Chino Hills, we are asking that you help us by signing this petition to send a copy to each of our city council members. Together we can help save the lives of hundreds of pets. 

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    • Diana Kennedy ONTARIO, CA
      • 7 months ago

      We need to save the shelter in Upland which is about to be closed and the dogs and cats there will either meet a timely demise or be shipped off to these high kill places. No kill is the possibility; however spay and neuter needs to be strictly enforced. It all links to each other and I support Chino Hills for taking the steps to stop the killing.

    • Holly Kahan BUFFALO GROVE, IL
      • over 1 year ago

      It is important to me for dogs are soo supportive to human love. They support us -- we should support them!

    • Rosemary Wilcox WOODLAND, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      Allow time to study the issue

    • Tammy Nodruff MONTGOMERY, IL
      • over 1 year ago

      I don't believe in destroying animals.

    • Heather Katayama FULLERTON, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      I have pets and I love them.....


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