Outlaw the Bear Bile trade
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Outlaw the Bear Bile trade

    1. Liam Rathke
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      Liam Rathke

      KL, Malaysia

The sun bear and Asiatic black bear, the two rarest bears in the world, are being abused for medicine.

In China and Japan it is legal to use the bile from a sun or a moon bear as medicine, even though doctors have proven that herbal remedies are more effective. The process of removing the bile involves tubes being attached to the bear's gallbladder to slowly suck out the fluids inside, throughout the 30-year lifespan of the bear. The cages in which the bears are kept are so small that the bear can't turn around, and the bear usually outgrows the cage at the age of ten.

Both governments say that it is under "strict regulation", although some outlets have more than 100 bears. If this process dosen't stop, the sun bear population will seriously decline, and it is estimated that only 600 to 1000 are left in the wild. The hunting methods are also cruel, as most of it is done by bear traps, the traps that snap onto the limb that steps on it. The bear then tries to gnaw off its limb, which then might get infected, and which would cause it to die.

The international convention for endangered species, CITES, bans trade in bile, but the Chinese and Japanese governments still allow it. If this continues, they will all be extinct. Please support this cause by signing, sharing and supporting.

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    • Kat Karnes VINTON, VA
      • 1 day ago

      These people are heartless, soulless, relentless in their quest to torture and kill animals, and they are the most cold-blooded people on this Earth. Someone needs to stop this madness. These people do not have the capacity to love or care about any living being. They would kill their own mothers if they could make a buck, and sell them for human consumption, and they would probably eat them themselves. They are subhuman monsters who do not deserve to live. I HATE THEM WITH A PASSION!!! I am not a person who hates, but I hate these ruthless, evil people. Where is law enforcement to protect animals in Asia??? Are there any laws to protect them. Are there any laws for anything in China or Japan??? Someone HAS to stop them. Gather them up and gas them~~they are of no good to anyone, they just love to slaughter~~that's what they are all about!!!

    • K AlePhant NEWPORT BEACH, CA
      • 1 day ago

      Pls Sign and Share - Cruel Ritual must end

    • monica hdz MEXICO
      • 5 days ago

      nuestro planeta se esta quedando sin animales

    • Reginald da Silva RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL
      • 6 days ago

      We must to stop it, save the world!

      • 7 days ago

      Stop this cruelty


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