STOP Guizhentang (a bear farm in China)'s attempt to go public
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STOP Guizhentang (a bear farm in China)'s attempt to go public

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      Student Alliance for Animal Rights

Guizhentang Pharmaceutical Co, a company runs a bear farm and produces bear bile drugs in China, is now hoping to raise expansion capital and become publicly traded enterprises through a public listing, according to an Initial Public Offerings (IPO) declaration issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) on Feb 1, 2012. The final result of public listing will be announced by CSRC on Feb 17. Once getting publicly listed, Guizhentang plans to raise the number of its farmed bears from 400 to 1,200, and increase the yearly production of bear bile powder to 4,000 kg (882 pounds). 

The bear bile extracting method widely adopted by bear farming industry is extremely cruel and painful. According to HSUS, bears are stabbed by implanted tubes, through which their biles get extracted twice a day throughout their entire lives. Suffering from tremendous pains, bears are spotted to moan and chew their paws while being milked and some even committed suicide to end this endless suffering. Nowadays, the number of moon bears kept in bear farms across the country mounts up to over 10,000, and the number is believed to be growing in the next few years. 

We, as Chinese citizens who are concerned of the animal welfare situation in our country, are now seeking your HELP to put pressure on Chinese government, to reject Guizhentang’s request to go public, and to give freedom to 10,000 bears as they long deserve. Please help moon bears slaved in China TODAY, by writing a letter to China Security Regulatory Commission, and Chinese government. 


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To China Securities Regulatory Commission: 


Learning from recent declaration issued by IPO that Guizhentang Pharmaceutical Co. is now hoping to get publicly listed, I, as a citizen of ___, wish to express my deep concern about the welfare situation of moon bears captivated by Guizhentang and other bear farms across your country. 

Bear biles has been applied by practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, to cure a variety of conditions ranging from relieving convulsions and spasms, reducing heat or fever, to treating liver cancer. Ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA), a bile acid in high concentrations of bear bile, is believed as a functional chemical treating various ailments. UDCA has already been successfully synthesized and applied by world scientists, and multiple Chinese pharmaceutical companies have been making UDCA drugs and selling it to the public at a low price. Meanwhile, studies by Prof. Feng from University of Hong Kong School of Chinese Medicine, have shown that various Chinese herbal medicines such as “coptis” can serve as the alternatives to bear biles in their effectiveness to kill cancer cell lines. Therefore, extracting biles from moon bears is unnecessary considering all the alternative medicines, herbs that can be put into production in large scale.Meanwhile, extracted bear bile is full of pus and bacteria which can lead to severe health problems of human beings. There have been cases of hepatitis being transmitted from bear to humans. 

Moreover, inhuman treatment to slaved bears will damage China’s national image, leaving citizens around the world an extremely negative impression on China, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Chinese culture. China is one of the major powers in the international system, with a glorious history, and a splendid culture. It’s my, and other global citizens’ hope to see China, as a leading character in the international arena, lead the revolution in solving world environmental and animal welfare issues that are meant to shape our generation. Companies listed on IPO are seen as models followed and studied by corporations, enterprises, and business schools, and as representatives of a country’s development, both in economics and moral levels. Therefore, a company like Guizhentang, which challenges the moral baseline of mankind by immorally exploiting sentient beings, cannot and should not represent the economic picture of China and moral acceptance of Chinese people. 

Hereby I ask you to listen to the voices from conscientious people across the globe to deny Guizhentang’s attempt to go public, and uphold the justice and the loving for harmony. 






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    • jutta wiebe GERMANY
      • 3 months ago

      no comment necessary i guess

    • Rebecca Warren LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 3 months ago

      Disgusting, backwards and an unnecessary practice. These companies/countries need to get into the 21st Century and start using alternatives which have been proven to work!

    • ono kazue MATSUDO-SHI, JAPAN
      • 4 months ago


    • Aoki Yoshiaki TOKYO, JAPAN
      • 5 months ago

      When killing moon bears was banned, they should not have pursued a cruel method to torture bears.

      Those involved in this industry and taking out bear biles, allow me to call them ugly-spirited monsters.

      When those USD(ugly-spirited monsters) stop this god-damned practice?

      PS. Ugly-spirited is the point, not ugly-looking. I believe people are good\looking in one way or the other.

    • Zsuzsanna Kubicza BUDAPEST, HUNGARY
      • 6 months ago

      It is one of the biggest cruelty on animals! I blame the governement that let it.


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